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This is the latest Nigeria  and ghana bank account name checker and NUBAN verifier. You can now check bank account details by account number so as to get the details of the owner.

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Account Number Verification

While the government has introduced bank Verification Number (BVN) to stop the perpetration of fraud, money laundering, the opening of multiple accounts with ghost names and other forms of illegal transactions, it has helped many businesses and even commercial banks operative in Nigeria.

However, it has not covered instant transaction fraud or some errors that might occur while transacting money. Considering the sensitivity of money and the required confidentiality of a transaction, it is imperative one engage in a fraudulent free and authorized account number in Nigeria. Also, with the increase in the number of digital transactions against the traditional banking system, one may need an online trusted bank account verifier to confirm the legality of such an account before transacting with it to avoid losing money to serial fraud or redirecting its money to an unknown account. Whether the local commercial bank account or the uniform Bank account Number, they both need verification before using for monetary transactions.

What is a local Bank Account?

Local banks are commercial banks across the country saddled with the responsibility of providing international banking standards to their respective clients. Their work includes opening accounts to individual clients or corporate businesses, making deposits and withdrawals of funds available to customers, securing customer funds, granting loans to trusted customers, and many other services. There are many in Nigeria, and all under the control of the central bank of Nigeria. Each commercial bank issues unique 10 digits to customers for a convenient transaction. These numbers are public and serve as an individual account.

What is a NUBAN account?

A NUBAN means Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number. It is a standard system of numbering bank accounts in Nigeria and aids banks and money transfer providers deliver money to the correct bank account. The account is a hybrid of Nigeria’s IBAN, bank routing number, individual’s commercial bank account number, and Nigeria swift code. It is a way of unifying all account numbers in Nigeria and addressing the language used by different banks to describe different banking terms.

NUBAN came into use with a decree from the CBN to ensure every bank stick to providing 10 digits number without using a different style in providing an account to customers. It is a way of creating a uniform account Number format. Before NUBAN, some issued 12 digits accounts while some issued up to 15 digits. So, with NUBAN, irrespective of a commercial bank or account type being operated, an individual account will have a 10-digit number.   A NUBAN consists of 10 numerical digits written without any spaces or dashes.

An example is 2345612067. It is safe to say the NUBAN number is the same as the personal account number, but the number can now perform a more specific task than mere deposit and withdrawal. The number can be used for other specific transactions even beyond the country.

Verifying a Nuban Account

Checking if a NUBAN number tally with the name of the person you are sending money to is sacrosanct. To avoid losing money or getting defrauded, we design a system that will help you check the NUBAN number at no cost. With just an input of the account number and the bank, you will see the owner’s full name and bank code.

Verifying a NUBAN account does not necessarily require you to check through internet banking or waste your time at a bank to meet rude customer service that will only waste your time in a long queue. We provide a cost-free, fast and reliable platform to carry out this check. We use the Nigeria Inter-Ban Settlement (NIBSS) database to check the account.

Except if the number entered isn’t registered or has some technical issue like being temporarily disabled, our system will instantly check for you and tell you whether the account is valid.

All you will do is note the desired account name and account number to verify the name on our platform.

Verifying an account number isn’t only for a person that wishes to send money. It is equally for account owners newly registered with any commercial bank in Nigeria. The system is for you to ensure your account has been uploaded, is valid and ready for commercial transaction and deposit.

We can also verify Nigeria’s bank domiciliary account for individuals or businesses that want to send money to Nigeria. The checking is web and not software or application-based, making it easily accessible for anyone to visit the URL and check conveniently anywhere.

Also, the system is for the organization that has payroll to pay its employee. If it is the first payment, to avoid complaints from employees, it is right you are sure the account is verified before paying into it. 

Our platform offers you the best, and your number with us is always safe. We are a trusted general account verifier in Nigeria. We derive our data from the direct database of the account is verified. We ensure all verifiable commercial bank accounts in Nigeria are present for verification of our platform.

Steps To verify Account Number On Our Platform

  • Check into our website homepage
  • Click on verification on the homepage
  • Select the “account number verification” option
  • Click on the bank name of the desired bank.
  • Input the account number 10 digit on the search box
  • Click on “verify.”

The account name will pop out along with the input details. So easy and fast. It will pop out within seconds, depending on your network. But it will display invalid details if the bank name and account name aren’t correct.