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With our web app, you can search for any company registration number, email and directors details. This is the official cac public search portal to check availability of your Business Name in Nigeria Cac Database. You can now check to see if your business name is available or has been taken. You do not need to login or create an account to use this website which is totally free. Our database is comprehensive and contains the list of registered companies in nigeria with cac.

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One of the best factors that make a business stand out is to have government certification. This means the government is aware of the business, verifies its authenticity, and licenses it to carry out the designated business in Nigeria. Before engaging or partnering with any business, it is imperative one ensure the business is not illegal to set up in Nigeria because it is trite law that no binding agreement can exist between illegal contracts, which means that it is almost impossible to institute action against businesses that are statutorily marked illegal in the country.


It is the name a business organization chooses to be identified with. It does not have a separate legal entity like a company, and it identifies with the owner or owners. Under Nigerian law, businesses like sole proprietorships and partnerships that want to register will have to ensure they supply every requirement stated following the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) guidelines for company and business registration.

Business name registration may sound similar to company name registration because it is both carried out by the CAC. They are, however, different. The company selects its name upon incorporation and distinguishes itself from the owners by creating a separate legal entity.

A business name can be selected by a proprietorship or partnership business using names other than the true owners but relating to the business. It has no separate legal entity and no limitation of liability to its owner. Upon registration, what actually differentiates the two is the number they carried. While a Business name carries BN as the initial for the number, RC is the initial for the company Name.

The digit for a business name can either be 7 or 8 digits. It can be numeric all through or Alpha-numeric. The Business structure determines the name to use for the business. In a sole proprietorship business, the legal name for the business can be your full name, and it is allowed to affix the name with the business relation, e.g., Smith Johnson Supermarket, George Enterprise. If it is a partnership business, it mainly contains the owners’ last names.


Registering a business name is voluntary but has a lot of benefits. It attracts customers and partners to collaborate and work with your business. Customers can easily locate a business location through the address provided to the CAC. Another benefit of registering your business with the CAC is to help people trust you and have the drive to continue business with you. Upon registration, the business owner is issued a certificate of registration. The certificate provides the business with a good reputation and legal recognition.

Furthermore, registering your business protects your business name and its trademarks. It is a competitive marketing world, and if you don’t register your growing business, a newly established competitor might use your name, hijack your customers, and trade with them. You can only take legal action to stop such competitors if you are registered.

Getting an external loan, grant or donation becomes more accessible when a business is registered under the commission. It gets easier to secure a bank loan than a registered business rather than a personal application. Banks have more trust in you because they know your location and other information in your CAC documents is official and true. Registering your business is one of the determinant factors an investor will consider before having an investment with you. The benefits of business registration are non-exhaustive.


As against popular belief, knowing whether a business is registered with the CAC or not isn’t difficult. The CAC portal is the official place for the registration, checking names, and even verifying if the desired name is still available for use. But there are times the CAC can face downtime or may be difficult somehow to navigate through the checking process. That is why we stand as an alternative business name verification checker. The process is fast and reliable. Our system is integrated and instantly updated with the CAC database.

Checking a business name isn’t only for persons researching the legality of a business. It is also for individuals desirous of registering. One of the processes of registration is to pick a name for your business. Before entering the process, one can verify if the intended name has been used or not by another business entity in the past. This saves the stress of going to the CAC to do the same.

A business that has completed the required registration process can also check the registration has been integrated with the public search and can be found on the database of the CAC for anyone to see.

It is also for job seekers who wish to verify the authenticity of a business before applying as there are many frauds out there pretending to have job offers. Verifying if a business is registered allows a job seeker to filter the legal job opportunity.

It can also be used by investors, money lending body, cooperation aiming to partner with a business can verify the status of the business through our platform.


We are a third party verifier, our information is fast and reliable. We use strong technology to ensure our data stay updated as every business registered with the CAC get on the public search. The search result is prepared within seconds. With us, you can check with either the business address, the business name or the business number. Our search result provide the following:

  • The business name
  • The business address
  • The Business email
  • The entity of the business
  • Business registration date
  • Physical address of the business.

These are the basic information our search engine will pop out for any business name search on our platform.


  • Visit our website
  • Click on verification on the home page
  • Select “Verify business name” option
  • Enter the Business Number correctly
  • Alternatively, if you don’t know the business name number, enter the business name correctly.
  • Click on “Verify”
  • The verification will be successful if the Business name is truly registered and the number or name entered match up with any result on the CAC database.