Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Unit Calculator

If you want to know how many unit is 5000 naira on prepaid meter 2024, then use our Ikeja prepaid meter unit calculator to calculate prepaid meter unit price for Ikeja Electric. This calculator app is updated with the latest Nigerian electric tariff for all electricity bands.

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This webapp is very useful as it would allow you to calculate your electricity bill at home and make you manage your electricity consumption. This web app is updated with the latest Ikeja Electric New Tariff including all the 5 tariff service bands.

Calculate the number of electricity units in kWh you would be getting when you purchase an ikeja electric prepaid meter token. Below calculation are done using the current electricity tariff in nigeria.


Current Electricity Prices Per Band

  • SERVICE BAND A (Minimum of 20hrs a day)  –  NGN 67.48
  • SERVICE BAND B (Minimum of 16hrs a day)  –   NGN 61.00
  • SERVICE BAND C (Minimum of 12hrs a day)  –   NGN 48.53
  • SERVICE BAND D (Minimum of 8hrs a day)    –   NGN 32.48
  • SERVICE BAND E (Minimum of 4hrs a day)    –   NGN 32.44

Sources: https://ekedp.com/tariff-plans