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You can now use our free Nigeria plate number checker app to verify any Nigerian plate number all over the nation, from Abuja to Lagos. This is a very efficient way for you to find out the real owner or details of any number plate.

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Like anywhere in the world, plate numbers are used in multiple ways to identify vehicle owners and have basic information about the car. The major reason for issuing unique Alpha-numeric numbers to every vehicle and motorcycle by Nigeria’s government is for identification and security purpose.


Nigeria plate number is a tracking number for vehicle owners that signal the owner’s nationality and the state the number is issued. It is a flat metal piece usually issued by the Federal Road safety commission (FRSC) in every state. The metal piece usually displays the state where the number is issued, the state’s slogan, Nigeria’s flag, the Map of Nigeria, the abbreviation of where the vehicle is registered, a combination of three digits and two letters. The metal piece is generally white. Two copies are issued to every vehicle. One to be at the front and another at the center back of a vehicle. The same can be issued to the motorcycle as well, but only one copy can be issued, and it is usually fixed at the back of the motorcycle.


A plate number is not only necessary for you and your vehicle but also mandated by the Nigerian government. First, they serve as a means of identification. A search for the assigned number on the database of the FRSC will pop out the basic details about the car for mere checking on the portal. A comprehensive search would involve the force of law to obtain further information. Further information can be obtained if there are fraud or security controversies.

Imagine a ‘run and hit’ situation. Quickly note the vehicle’s plate number and checking online if the number is verified before taking legal steps to get more information about the vehicle’s owner will aid in apprehending the culprit. In a case of an accident, plate numbers can be used to track more relevant information about the car owner. Plate number can also, to a certain extent, serve the purpose of VIN. For instance, plate numbers can help solve a cat theft case. Over speeding, kidnapping, assault, and other vices may occur on the road. A victim that has no identity of his abuser can simply report the case using the abuser’s plate number. If the culprit’s vehicle is registered and verified, he can be tracked down and apprehended, and the victim will eventually get justice. The reasons for having plate number is non-exhaustive. Every vehicle owner must have a plate number.

You can verify the plate number of any car because the database is public for everyone to use. One can verify for any of the reasons mentioned above. Another basic reason to verify a plate number is to check whether the number has been validated and assigned to the vehicle. This happened when a vehicle owner registered newly registered. The number must be validated and uploaded to the public domain for anyone to access.

Verifying a car isn’t as problematic as people think it is. The official verification portal is the FRSC online portal, through the police, or an SMS. We came as a third-party verifier to ease your verifying purpose. With our website, you can get vehicle ownership and verify plate number in lagos state via autoreg.


A recent study shows that over 30% of vehicles on Nigerian roads are not probably registered or fake and not on the public database, either with the owner’s knowledge or not. Some can even go to the extent of forging registration numbers and preparing fake vehicle particulars to avert being queried by road officers. This is a criminal act that can lead to a lawsuit. If it is not with the owner’s knowledge, it is right they verify their plate number after days of registration to avoid carrying around fake plate numbers.

We are a third-party plate number verifier. You can verify your vehicle’s number within seconds at absolutely no cost. We integrate our system with the FRSC plate number checker and have the database of all registered, verified, and assigned vehicle users on our system. The plate number that tally with the assigned vehicle will display the name and color of the vehicle.

The process is fast, cost-free, and highly reliable. You will see if you are verified on our website once your registration process is completed and duly updated on the official FRSC portal. Though getting beyond the basic information may demand you to verify beyond online and go to the FRSC office. The government does not want to reveal too much information about vehicle owners to the public for security purposes. The basic information you will get on our website will only disclose your registration status and let you know whether those who registered your vehicle truly do so.


Except in exceptional circumstances like reporting special crime-related cases, it is needless going to the FRSC office to check your plate number status. You can comfortably check into your home by logging into our platform. Follow the basic guide for the check.

  • Log in to our website home page (insert website)
  • Sign up as a new user (it is optional, you can sign up to receive periodic tips through our mail. You can also sign up to make any relevant consultation at no cost)
  • Click on verification and select the ‘verify plate number’ option
  • Insert the number issued to your vehicle by the FRSC with no space
  • Confirm you enter the correct number and click on verify.
  • The verification will be successful if you add the correct number, and the result will match up with your vehicle details if it matches up with the assigned number.


The process is fast and straightforward. If the verification fails and you have done every necessary process for the registration, you can visit the FRSC office for technical support.