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If you are looking for how to check my bvn date of birth, personal and bank details, then you can use this free Bvn validation portal to achieve this purpose.
This is an online web app to check bvn details like full name, email, bank account number and bank name.’

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Bank Verification Number

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an 11-digit unique number which serves as a means of identification for every individual who is linked to the Nigerian Banking Industry. The Bank Verification Number is specific to each individual and it enables each individual to engage safely in bank transactions at various bank operations in Nigeria.

Still finding it difficult to understand what BVN really is. Alright let’s see it this way. Imagine BVN to be a university matriculation number. As well known, every student in a university needs a matriculation number which they are identified with. After a student gets his matriculation number, that number gets identified with him till he leaves that university. Irrespective of the name you bear, no matter how impressive, the university is not going to recognize you by that name but rather with your matriculation number. So it is also with the Bank Verification Number. When you get this number, it gets identified with you and all financial transactions that are linked to your bank will be identified with you via that number.

In summary, we’re saying your BVN is your identification in the financial system.

How Many BVN(s) Per Person?

Alright so now you know what a BVN is and you’re probably wondering, what if I have more than one banks, do I get more than one BVNs? Well, the answer to that is a big No! It’s one BVN per person. You need to take this seriously because if you try to act smart and get more than one BVNs, it’ll be notified by the authorities, and you’ll get under serious surveillance from the Economic and Financial Crime Commission. Still finding it hard to understand why this is possible? Alright let’s look at the university matriculation number example once more. Remember if you have a matriculation number and you change your department, you matriculation number remains with you right? So same analogy applies to the BVN. Your BVN does not change from bank to bank.

So, I know you’re probably thinking, how do I link my BVN to my other banks then? Well, quite simple. I’ll show you how. So, let’s say you have 3 bank accounts in 3 different banks. You simply walk to your main bank with any government issued identity card such as a driver’s license, a voter’s card or a national identity card and you tell the customer care you need a BVN. They’ll collect your ID card and process your BVN. You should go with photocopies of your ID card. You’ll usually have to wait for one week for your BVN to be sent to you. Go to your second bank and tell them you’ve got a BVN and you need to link the account. Repeat same for your third bank and voilĂ ! You’re done linking your BVN to your other 2 banks.

If you change your name, does it affect your BVN?

If you change your name, what happens to your BVN? Because your previous name was used in issuing your BVN, you also need to notify your bank that you have changed your name. Thus, you are basically updating your biometrics to fit your BVN. Your BVN doesn’t change.

Biometric Registration

Now you see Bio- and you’re probably thinking something medical right?

Now you’re wrong. Biometrics don’t mean anything medical. So don’t be worried someone is going to place needles into your veins or any of such. Here what happens is that biological features specific to you will be used to authorize your access. These biological features are specific to you such that it is almost impossible for someone else to counterfeit it. A good example is your fingerprint.

Biometric registration therefore refers to the process whereby individuals are identified based on unique biologic features specific to them of which it include fingerprint, facial characters, voice and a lot of others.

Why BVN?

The Bank Verification Number was placed into use by the Federal Government of Nigeria to curb the rising menace of security data compromise such as compromise of passwords, secret codes, and PINs. Following these challenges and other problems of identity management, the Central Bank of Nigeria, on February 14th, 2014, put up for use, a biometric registration system which is referred to today as the Bank Verification Number.

Since 2014, the Bank Verification Number has been used as a means of identification for customers. However, issues have come up with individuals claiming they’ve forgotten their BVNs.

What If I Forget My BVN?

If you’re in this group, you don’t have to fret anymore. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you.

Before now, you’ll have to bother about having to go to the bank to get your BVN details. This might mean time wasting and none of us really like that.

Now, you can access your BVN from the comfort of your home with your mobile phone.

All network providers in Nigeria allow users access their BVN via a USSD code. It’s advisable you save the number in a safe and accessible place for future use because your service provider take #20 from your airtime balance anytime that code is executed.

Also, apart from the USSD code being used by network providers, it can also be used for all banks.

Are you still in the category of those who haven’t had their BVNs? You’re making a wrong choice. Hurry now and get your BVN as soon as possible.

Finally, there are a lot of Bvn verification api that allows you to check bvn details online without phone number and airtime. Examples of these api’s include Nirsal bvn validation portal, agsmeis verification app, etc.

How To Verify Bvn

You can verify any Nigerian bvn number using this accredited nibss bvn online verification portal. All you need to do is to provide a valid 11 digit bvn number in the input box above and the details would be displayed on your screen.