Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be taking a look at a newly launched investment platform called The platform claims to be an online investment platform where you can invest and earn income daily.

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Benefits Of Joining

  1. Launched on 28th March, 2024
  2. Sign up to receive #100 [withdrawable]
  3. Earn 20%-30% of your capital everyday
  4. Referral bonus is 25%
  5. 4% withdrawal charge
  6. Minimum withdrawal; #1000
  7. Minimum deposit; #2500
  8. Registration link: Investment Plans

PropertyRental AmountIncome CycleDaily IncomeEstimated Income
Ellora 012,500 NGN25 days600 NGN15,000 NGN
Ellora 025,500 NGN25 days1,300 NGN32,500 NGN
Ellora 038,500 NGN25 days2,100 NGN52,500 NGN
Ellora 0415,000 NGN25 days3,700 NGN92,500 NGN
Ellora 0535,000 NGN25 days8,500 NGN212,500 NGN
Ellora 0655,000 NGN25 days13,000 NGN325,000 NGN
Ellora 0780,500 NGN25 days20,100 NGN502,500 NGN
Ellora 08115,000 NGN25 days27,000 NGN675,000 NGN
Ellora 09180,000 NGN25 days44,000 NGN1,100,000 NGN
Ellora 10250,000 NGN25 days62,000 NGN1,550,000 NGN
Ellora 11350,000 NGN25 days85,000 NGN2,125,000 NGN
Ellora 12500,000 NGN25 days120,000 NGN3,000,000 NGN

Recharge Rules On

  • Each time you recharge, please click “Recharge” to receive new orders.
  • Do not keep the old receiving account for transfers.
  • When recharging, the payment amount must be consistent with the recharge order amount.
  • If the recharge does not arrive, please contact customer service

Is Legit?

Ellora is a ponzi scheme. We have conducted a thorough review on this platform and we discovered that the platform mainly operates a ponzi scheme recycling funds between investors.

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