Free VIN Check in Nigeria – Verify used Cars & Vehicle History

Buying a car is a big success that everyone would want to rejoice with you, whether new or old. It is worth celebrating because of the exclusive comfort and pride attached to obtaining a new ride. People tend to buy a used car to save cost, but little do they know it is easy to get tricked with a new car.

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Multiple reports show that large numbers of stolen vehicles from the USA, UK and other top countries made it to Nigeria illegally for sale. Imagine one of those stolen but rebranded cars being sold to you. Imagine, after some week of buying, you get a call that the vehicle is stolen and you are under investigation for the offence you are not culpable. This can make you lose resources spent on buying the car and have pressing trouble with the law enforcement. After back and forth, the possibility is that the vehicle will be retrieved from you and taken back to the true owner.

You can save yourself from the possible mess and diagnose whether a car is not obtained by fraud, stolen or any other possible illegal means. The process is easy and simple. You can at your comfort track a stolen car in Nigeria or check a car report at no service charge. What you only need is the VIN!


It means vehicle identification number. It is a set of unique codes that combine numbers and digits, the mixed numbers and digits are usually 17, and each code is like a fingerprint. They’re unique to different cars produced. The input of the unique code will dig out a comprehensive report about the vehicle and allow a user to understand the true state of the vehicle before buying.

VIN is primarily used to detect if the car is stolen, registered as salvage, or know the state of the car conditions before buying ordinarily.

A vehicle identification number allows you to have full access to vehicle report history (VHR). VHR  is a statement that allows you to access vital information like the repair history, accident record, ownership, theft and many other essential information about a specific vehicle. However, if you’re purchasing your vehicle from a reputable dealership, part of the pre-sale process is to check the VIN for you and hand over the vehicle history to you for free. But if this isn’t provided, it is in your best interest to do a VIN check before buying.


If it is especially a used car and not from a reputable car dealer, you should raise the bar doubt of your debt and do that check before buying. This will aid from incurring any unforeseen problems.

There are many benefits embedded in knowing your car’s history. It lets you understand the right information like the true year of the vehicle, maker, model, manufacturer, etc., even though most of these things have been changed dubiously by those that stole it so they could sell the vehicle to you. By checking, you will see if the vehicle had any error inherent in it when it was made or any record of failure associated with it. This will aid you in using the car diligently in the nearest future. You will also realize if there has been hail, flood damage, or fire damage associated with the vehicle in the past. A VHR will also report if the vehicle was used for either personal purposes or as a commercial vehicle in the past. This will allow you to understand how to maintain it in the future.

You also get details on the registration and service background of the vehicle. This makes you know if the vehicle has been properly maintained.

You also have to learn about the repair and warranty information of the car. This will save you money on frivolous repairs and routine services that may happen in the long run. You will also know other essential auto specs of the car before making that final purchasing decision.

Finally, apart from saving yourself from purchasing a car with a theft history, knowledge of a vehicle history allows you to know if you are bargaining fairly for the price of the vehicle. If you can read and comprehend the report thoroughly, you will understand that you are in to buy rather than what they are trying to offer. The report may be comprehensive, but it is really worth your attention.


How do I check my VIN number in Nigeria?, is a popular question that has been asked by automobiles owners for past years. That is why we have come up with this nice auto website that does just that for you. We are a team of professionals with a reputable tracking record of identity verification over the year. We believe that everyone who buys a car should get the best because the money to purchase a good vehicle is much. We make it our duty to ensure your money is worth what you are buying.

But it is a problem if you have gathered money to buy a used car but don’t know if it is free of any encumbrances before buying. This is where we come in for you to offer help at relatively no cost on your side. We created a versatile database to check cars produced globally using only vehicle identification numbers. This will give explicit details of any vehicle you are trying to purchase.

We don’t want any car dealer to defraud you with a flamboyant car body. We will thoroughly track what you are buying for you with no hassle. We use the latest technology to dig out and analyze the VIN of any vehicle transported to Nigeria. We will make a full report available to you instantly with ease. We ensure our database is good enough for you to get the maximum information needed as we have different data acquisitions to supply you with the right information.

Our service is a more reputable portal than frsc vin check and nairaland. This is because we provide a well detailed analysis of the history of your vehicle.


Our platform makes it relatively easy for you to check your vin details and also how to read your VIN number. The first step is to identify where your car’s VIN is written. It is 17 digits mixed with numeric and alphabets. Here is an example “4Z5J996325U62143”. Depending on the vehicle brand, you can check any of the following areas to discover your vehicle’s VIN.

  1. The driver side dashboard
  2. Door latch on the driver’s side
  3. The front of the engine block
  4. The rear wheel
  5. Vehicle Insurance card and registration

Once you discover the number, you can check the car status by clicking on our website with the following steps:

  1. Click on “VIN verification” on the homepage.
  2. Enter the VIN or chassis Number copy from the desired vehicle.
  3. Sign-up on the platform for free. Though this isn’t a requirement to check your VIN, the reason is for us to send a copy of the report to your email for record purposes or reach out to you when necessary.
  4. Your report will show if the VIN entered is on the database within some minutes.


It is that easy and simple to receive your vehicle report. However, If you cannot comprehend the report, you can reach out to us. We will assign you an expert for a fee. The expert will explain to you in detail and in clear terms.

With this free vin check Nigeria web app, it is now very easy to verify used car before purchase. This is very important so as not to be in trouble against the law. All Nigerians who own auto vehicles must take advantage of this currently free platform to verify their vehicle and validate all auto purchase.