Ibedc Prepaid Meter Unit Price & Calculator

This ibedc prepaid meter unit calculator would allow you calculate the number of units your money can buy. This is a wonderful app that enables IBEDC customers to calculate the number of units their money can purchase instantly. Customers input the amount they wish to spend, and the app calculates the equivalent number of electricity units they will receive. This feature provides transparency and helps customers manage their electricity expenses effectively, enabling them to budget their electricity usage and costs.

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Ibedc Prepaid Meter Unit Price 2024

  • SERVICE BAND A (Minimum of 20hrs a day)  –  NGN 67.48
  • SERVICE BAND B (Minimum of 16hrs a day)  –   NGN 61.00
  • SERVICE BAND C (Minimum of 12hrs a day)  –   NGN 48.53
  • SERVICE BAND D (Minimum of 8hrs a day)    –   NGN 32.48
  • SERVICE BAND E (Minimum of 4hrs a day)    –   NGN 32.44