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If you are searching for how to check National Identity Number (NIN) details online, then this page is what you need as allows you to verify and confirm the details attached to any NIN number. This can be used by individuals, organizations and startups for KYC use.

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Electronic verification is much in demand with the evolving digital world to instantly confirm users’ submitted data information. The National Identity Number is the unique number that identifies every Nigerian for life. It is issued by the national Management Commission (NIMC) after enrolment at the approved government-designated centers across the country.

The NIN captures each individual record. It captures demographic data, passport, age, address, fingerprints, signature, and other relevant information. This makes it relatively easy to confirm and verify the identity of anyone with just a simple of 11-digits number.


Human being comes into business transactions each day, and many swindlers are among them. It is right to affirm the basic background of whoever they are dealing with in business. This isn’t only about saving yourself and earning money from the scam. One can do this by protecting themselves from possible criminal liability that the other person whose character is in question may cause him.

Similarly, large business organizations, groups, or view recruitment teams can require a review of identity submitted by applicants. This would allow them to understand that the information provided is true and that they are recruiting trusted persons into the organization.

Online vendors that want to verify the identity of their new registrant may, with just a directory to our website, verify the true information of their potential customers before continuing transactions with them.

Online banks and other financial institutions can use our Identity verification to verify the NIN numbers submitted by the potential registrant during the registration stage. As there are many money lender institutions these recent times, the identity of all registrants must be verified before proceeding to borrow them money or engage them in any form of business transaction. Financial institutions are to ensure their potential customers don’t just stick up 11 random numbers.

Identity Verification is also sacrosanct for E-wallet and E-commerce service providers. They can do this to run a background check on their customers.

Academics and NGOs can also use our services to ascertain the true identity of their entrant and assure all information provided during filling form like age, address, state of origin, and others are true and in compliance of data with the federal government.

Lastly, NIN verification can be done for the purpose of public interest and public safety. It is the most basic way of affirming anyone’s asserted identity.


We develop this platform to enable the verification of identities of people already enrolled in the national identity database by the Nigerian government to ensure their number matches with the information associated with the NIN of that person.

It is a real-time verification that allows the person or organization to access the NIMC database and dig out people’s information through their respective unique 11-digit numbers. We are authoritatively connected to the NIMC core verification backend and legitimately equipped with the capacity to track usage by deploying the global best practice.

We make it our business to create trust between the potential customers, regulators (government), and the persons or organizations willing to check the identity.

We realize that we are in a world where trust is a rare commodity. It is imperative one thread with caution on the internet space and ensures their privacy is fully protected. One of the ways to identify the person is real is through NIN identification. We not only show you the identity, but we also ensure you are safe from the many dangers of the government’s non-compliance because only a few websites are licensed to carry out this operation. The checking is automated. There is no need to feel long information, just the intended person’s government-issued 11-digit code.


We have up to 98% of official national data and are connected to all the government official databases in the country with over a 140millions registrant records. We are the most comprehensive and glitch-free identity verification system in Nigeria.

Our system is easy to Navigate. Just some minute’s registration on our platform, and you will be directed to a box where to enter the identification number and verify.

With our system, you can verify the photo or image provided by the person you are verifying and use our smart Photo ID verification to see whether the face matches up with the one on the NIMC database.

Our system avails you of the risk of fraud. In today’s society, sorting out people to engage in a business transaction is paramount to your progress. Our system cuts down your risk of transacting with internet fraudsters.

The system helps you to identify and remove redundant identities. With the verification, you can easily identify ghost workers in your organization or person that want to use false pretense to defraud or obtain false information from you. Using our Identity verifier will undoubtedly save you from such a big risk.

The system also serves as an automated- KYC check. It is a means for verifying customers and having those details. Apart from the verification, you can use their data information for some technical analysis like a market plan and research analysis to make a better marketing decision.

Your data is secure with us. Any data shared on our platform is secure and cannot be transferred to any third party or public domain. Also, our data source is trustworthy and it is verifiable.


  • Log into our website (state the name of the website)
  • Register on the website and get approved after verifying your email address.
  • Select the option of “NIN verification services” on the home page.
  • Carefully enter the unique 11 digits number into the box
  • Click on “verify the NIN number.”
  • If the number matches up with any data on the NIMC database, it will display relevant information about the identity on the screen. If none matches up with the NIMC, it will display “NO DATA FOUND.
  • The process is simple, secure, and highly convenient to use.