Nigeria Information Platform

Top info is a reputable Nigeria online validation platform that allow users verify a lot of information for their personal use. This is a digital identity platform that allow you verify a lot of services in real-time. The data you get from our website allows you to make informed decisions and also be enlightened.

We offer a wide range of services like Nimc Nin verification service, Frsc plate number verify, etc 

Vehicle & Auto Verification

Verify Plate Number

Verify Nigeria plate number with this frsc platofrm. You can check car number plate owner in nigeria

Vehicle VIN Check

Searching for how to check car history in nigeria, then this free VIN check website would allow you view any car history

Verify Road Worthiness

Verify any Nigeria road worthiness certificate for free and fast. This is how Nigerians check road worthiness online

Custom Duty Calculator

This is Nigeria custom import duty calculator for imported cars. This custom tariff calculator is valid for 2022.

Bank Account Information

Bank Account Verifier

Nigeria Bank account verifier and Nuban checker to verify any Nuban account number. Check the name and bank details of any account.

Check Bvn Details

Check Bvn details online for free. You can now validate any bvn number using our validation portal to get your name and date of birth.

Verify Nin Details

we provide an easy way for you to verify NIN details. Use our NIMC approved portal for National Identity Number verification

Validate BIN

check the BIN of a card. Get atm credit card and debit card information based on Bank Identification Number

Business Details Verification

Verify Business Name

Verify Nigerian business name online. This is the official Corporate Affairs Commission business to Check for availability of the Business Name.

TIN Verification

You can now verify Nigerian business TIN number for free below.

Company Details Checker

Nigeria company details checker allows you to check for the full information of any Nigerian business using their rc number or name

Verify Nafdac Products

Verify Nigerian products and also report fake, substandards and unregistered products in the market.

Account Details Generator

Bvn Number Generator

Generate random Nigeria Bvn numbers that actually work. These are real bvn numbers that you can use for testing purposes only.

Nin Number Generator

Get sample nin number online. We provide you with example nin numbers you can use for free testing and registrations.