Nigeria FIRS TIN Verification Online – Cac Tax Identification Number

Firs Tin verification portal allows you verify your business Tax identification number info online for free in Nigeria.

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Tax payment is the necessity of every individual, business partner, or corporate body worldwide. Tax is the mandatory dues collected by the government through its designated agency from taxpayers with ease.

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Tax payment is one of the major sources of government income to ensure people’s security and provide social amenities to the citizenry.

For ease of the tax collection process, it is the efforts of the Nigeria Tax authority to issue unique numbers that are generated to every taxpayer in the country. Those paying tax can be easily ascertained, and their tax payment record can be easily seen and monitored by tax payment officers and the public in need.


The taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a unique set of numbers generated for individuals, registered business entities, or incorporated companies for convenience and to make a public record of tax payments in Nigeria. The Nigeria Tax Authority usually generates the number for ordering, identification, and making sure a large number of people are paying taxes, and that means of payment isn’t rigorous for them.


Paying tax comes with numerous benefits, both to the growth of your business and to the government that imposes it. As an individual taxpayer, what makes your business more legal, and convincing to buyers and investors is whether or not you run your business with due diligence. What determines business diligence is compliancy with all government protocols and directives to carry on such a business.

Taxpayers have easy accessibility to loans or grants that can move upscale their business. The financial institution would lend money to an individual or cooperate businesses that have a good record of tax payment. That would give them the confidence that the borrower will pay back their debt. Most often, a government that does give loans and grants to small and medium scale enterprises most time prioritizes businesses that have been abiding with the tax law and paying tax as due.

Also, tax payments open businesses to partnership and funding from investors. It gives investors and intending partners the confidence that you aren’t greedy in the business and that their shares of profit will be shared with them as agreed. Investors will trust you with their money, and those that wish to partner with you will do the same with no fear.

Upon this benefit, it is appealing that paying taxes is a viable way of gathering a good reputation for one’s business. If you are running a business, paying taxes will make you a trusted and reliable person.

However, you have to pay your income or company tax to the right authority. You have to first register with the government authority and be issued a unique number that will keep track of your record as a taxpayer. This unique identification number is what you need to verify on our platform.


Tin number verification is highly sacrosanct. It is beneficial to you, the potential collaborator and business partner and even the government.

It is beneficial to you because if you’ve gone through the rigours of registering your business for tax, you need to at the end validate your registration process. Ensuring your record has been verified is a starting ground for paying your tax. You don’t need to go tax office to make any official confirmation. Just an input of the generated unique number will make you identify if your record has been validated, and you can thereafter proceed to pay with the validated number or use the number officially whenever it is required.

Also, validating a TIN number is highly beneficial to the recruiters and any other body that requires a TIN number from entrants. Verifying applicants’ TIN will allow them to understand the tax payment record and status of the individual or government applying. The result will help in making an informed decision about the application process.


We are a legally established platform specifically for your urgent data verification need in Nigeria. We are a trusted verifier using the direct database of every authority issuing the numbers for verification. We can verify your TIN Number in seconds. Our verification system leverages the biometrics from tax agencies (FIRS and JTA), Bank Verification Number (BVN), National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). All of these government-approved numbers must have been integrated into your registration process before you can use them for registration.

We provide information as it appears on the Joint tax board’s official platform. Our system is reliable, fast and protected. What you only need to verify is either your phone number, Company registered number, business name registration number, or the TIN number.


Visit our website

Search for verification on the homepage

Click on “verify TIN” in the dropdown

You can search by using the following method.


You can search by using your generated TIN Number.

Pick the Tax identification Number on the search box in the dropdown list below.

Then input your TIN (either JTB or FIRS TIN) inside the search value box

Click on search, and the result will be shown to you accordingly.


You can search by using your government-approved CAC, BVN or NIN Registration Number.

Input any of those numbers by selecting from the dropdown box.

Then input any of these numbers inside the search value box.

Note: If you are searching with the CAC number (Business or Company name). Ensure you add BN in front of the business name number and RC in front of the company name number.

Click on search, and the result will be displayed to you if any record is associated with your input.


You can search with the phone number you use in registering the Tax account. And follow the same guidelines as in methods one and two.

Items that display if you are registered with the Joint tax board

  • The Tax information Number
  • Taxpayer’s name or the company name
  • Taxpayer’s email
  • Tax payer’s phone number
  • Tax authority for the registrant
  • Tax authority phone number
  • Tax authority email.

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