Is Real or Scam?

About is a newly investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. Below is the information about the company found on its website.

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Founded in 1994, Mtn is one of the world-renowned projects. It has a certain reputation and influence internationally and is loved and supported by customers all over the world. Now, in order to further expand market share and improve corporate visibility, the company sincerely thanks new and old users for their support. The company has launched an online investment and financial management platform. Everyone can make money by purchasing financial products on the platform online through their mobile phones. The specific operating model and income rules are as follows:

Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:26th March, 2024
Domain Registration Date:23rd March, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:23rd March, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission%
Referral Commission15%, 3%
No. of Visits919
Last Visit:16 days ago Features & Benefits

  • Newly investment just dropping 26/03/2024
  • Minimum deposit is 3,000 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1200 naira Investment Plans

VIP LevelValidity periodDaily incomeTotal incomePrice
VIP1120 Days₦600.00₦72,000.00₦3000.00
VIP2120 Days₦1600.00₦192,000.00₦8000.00
VIP3120 Days₦3000.00₦360,000.00₦15000.00
VIP4120 Days₦6000.00₦720,000.00₦30000.00
VIP5120 Days₦10000.00₦1,200,000.00₦50000.00
VIP6120 Days₦20000.00₦2,400,000.00₦100000.00
VIP7120 Days₦60000.00₦7,200,000.00

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Nameservers Invitation Rewards

Invitation rewards are as high as 18%. When subordinates recharge, they can get 18% of their recharge amount (15% for the first level, 3% for the second level)
If you want to earn more benefits, it is recommended that you share your invitation link with your family, friends and colleagues. Red Flags

  1. The company lacks partnerships with reputable financial institutions or organizations.
  2. The company fails to provide clear information about potential conflicts of interest.
  3. The company lacks a physical address, a detail typically provided by authentic sites.
  4. The company displays fake withdrawal proofs, falsely claiming credibility.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam

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