Agofure Motors Price List 2024

G. Agofure Motors is a popular interstate transportation company in Nigeria. The company transport people and goods across different states in Nigeria.

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Agofure Motors prioritizes passenger comfort and welfare, offering an experience akin to air travel. Their headquarters is in Warri, Delta, with terminals in various Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, Aba, and Port-Harcourt. They have also expanded to other African countries, with a terminal in Accra, Ghana.

Booking a seat with Agofure Motors can be done at their terminals, through their official website, or via third-party platforms. Booking on their website offers advantages such as easy data retrieval for future trips and potential incentives for regular customers. Online booking saves passengers 10% to 20% on fares.

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Agofure Motors provides comfortable buses equipped with air conditioning, serves delicious meals, and offers music entertainment during journeys. Their prices are budget-friendly, making them a popular choice for travelers in Nigeria and beyond.

Agofure Motors Price List in 2024 (Updated)

 From Port Harcourt to
 Awka ₦6,460
 Calabar ₦8,000
 Enugu ₦8,000 – ₦9,200
 Onitsha ₦6,300
 Owerri ₦5,600
 Warri ₦12,000
  From Owerri to
 Enugu ₦4,060
 Onitsha ₦3660
 PHC ₦5,800
 Warri ₦5,960
 From Warri to
 Awka ₦4,250
 PHC ₦10,800
 Owerri ₦6,950
 Umuahia ₦7,050
 From Uyo to (temporarily closed) 
 Enugu ₦5,650
 Owerri ₦4,400
 PHC ₦4,250
 Umuahia ₦3950
 Warri ₦6,650
 From Calabar to (temporarily closed)  
 Enugu ₦6,100
 PHC ₦6,000
 Owerri ₦7,900
 Umuahia ₦6600
 Warri ₦9,700

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