Big Joe Motors Price List (June, 2024)

Big Joe Motors, also known as Big Joe Motors Transport, is a well-known road transport company in Nigeria, officially registered as Big Joe Ventures Limited. With a history spanning over two decades, the company has grown from humble beginnings to become a significant player in Nigeria’s transportation sector.

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Initially starting with just one 15-seater bus in Benin City in 1989, Big Joe Motors has expanded its operations to encompass over 15 functional bus terminals across the country. The company’s headquarters is located in Aduwawa, Benin City, Edo State, and it offers a range of services including bus transportation, logistics, and bus leasing.

One of Big Joe Motors’ notable achievements is its pioneering of routes such as Benin to Kano and Benin to Abuja, using Toyota Hiace buses. This has earned them the reputation of being the foremost provider on these northern routes.

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The company’s terminals are strategically located in major cities and states across Nigeria, including Abuja, Auchi, Benin City, Ekpoma, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Ughelli, and Warri. Each terminal serves various routes connecting these cities, providing convenience and accessibility to passengers.

Price List

RoutePrice (NGN)
Abuja to Benin28000
Abuja to Warri34000
Abuja to Ikot Ekpene24000
Abuja to Uyo30000
Abuja to Calabar32000
Auchi to Benin18000
Auchi to Kano40000
Auchi to Abuja22000
Benin City to Abuja28000
Benin City to Jos34000
Benin City to Kaduna32000
Benin City to Zaria36000
Benin City to Kano40000
Benin City to Auchi18000
Benin City to Ikot Ekpene24000
Benin City to Uyo30000
Benin City to Calabar32000
Ekpoma to Abuja26000
Ekpoma to Benin City20000
Ekpoma to Kano38000
Calabar to Abuja32000
Calabar to Benin City34000
Calabar to Warri28000
Ikot Ekpene to Abuja28000
Ikot Ekpene to Benin City24000
Ikot Ekpene to Warri30000
Ikot Ekpene to Kano38000
Jos to Warri36000
Jos to Benin City34000
Jos to Uyo32000
Jos to Calabar34000
Kaduna to Warri38000
Kaduna to Benin City32000
Kano to Warri40000
Kano to Benin City40000
Ughelli to Abuja28000
Ughelli to Uyo30000
Ughelli to Calabar32000
Ughelli to Ikot Ekpene30000
Uyo to Abuja30000
Uyo to Warri30000
Uyo to Benin City30000
Warri to Abuja32000
Warri to Kaduna38000
Warri to Kano40000
Warri to Jos36000
Warri to Uyo30000

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