Bua Cement Price In Nigeria (2024)

BUA Cement PLC is a Nigerian company that makes and sells cement. It is one of the biggest cement makers in Nigeria, only smaller than Dangote Cement. The BUA Cement company came together when the BUA Group joined forces with the Obu Cement Company and the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria.

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BUA Group started in the cement business in 2008 when the government allowed them to bring in cement. They began by repackaging imported cement and later bought most of Edo Cement, which was struggling. They get most of the materials they need for cement near their plants in Edo and Sokoto States.

In 2020, BUA Cement became a publicly traded company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and it was worth $3.2 billion.

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Price of BUA Cement In Nigeria Today

Bua Cement is sold between ₦4,200 – ₦4,600 in all part of Nigeria.

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