Crane Rental Prices Per Day (2024)

In this blog post, we will be discussing about crane rentals in Nigeria, the various types of cranes you would find and the current amount you can rent them.

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Cranes are big machines that lift heavy things, like construction materials. In Nigeria, a country in Africa, crane rental is a service that helps builders and businesses with their lifting needs.

When construction projects are happening, there are often heavy materials that need to be lifted to different heights. This is where crane rental comes in handy. Instead of buying a crane, which can be very expensive, builders and businesses in Nigeria can rent one for a specific period.

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One of the advantages of crane rental is cost savings. Buying a crane requires a big investment, and maintenance costs can add up. By renting a crane, builders in Nigeria can save money and use it for other important aspects of their projects.

Another benefit is flexibility. Different construction projects have different requirements when it comes to lifting. By renting a crane, builders can choose the type and size of crane that suits their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the right equipment is used for the job, making the construction process more efficient.

Safety is a crucial factor in any construction project. Renting a crane from a reputable company in Nigeria ensures that the equipment is well-maintained and meets safety standards. This helps prevent accidents and ensures the well-being of workers on the construction site.

The process of crane rental in Nigeria is usually straightforward. Builders contact a crane rental company, specify their needs, and the company provides the appropriate crane along with an operator if needed. This simplicity makes crane rental a convenient option for construction projects of varying scales.

Rental Prices Of Cranes

Crane TypeDescriptionAdjusted Rental Price Range (Naira)
Mobile CranesVersatile and easily transportable₦115,000 to ₦345,000 per day
Tower CranesUsed in tall construction projects₦230,000 to ₦690,000 per day
Crawler CranesEquipped with tracks for stability and mobility₦345,000 to ₦920,000 per day
Telescopic CranesHave a telescoping feature for reaching heights₦1,610,000 to ₦4,600,000 per hour
Rough Terrain CranesDesigned for off-road operations with sturdy tires₦184,000 to ₦575,000 per day
Overhead CranesInstalled on beams for moving loads within a space₦138,000 to ₦345,000 per day
Floating CranesUsed for marine construction and port activities₦460,000 to ₦1,150,000 per day
All-Terrain CranesCombine features of mobile and rough terrain cranes₦2,076,000 to ₦6,090,000 per hour

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