Domino’s Pizza Price List in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Domino’s Pizza is a well-known global food delivery brand and is one of the most popular pizza delivery services in Nigeria. In addition to pizza, they offer other food and snack items like Chicken Suya, Desserts, Cheesy Bread, Potato Wedges, Chicken Kickers, and Coca-Cola drinks. Here’s a list of the current prices for the various food and snack offerings available at Domino’s Pizza outlets in Nigeria. However, note that the prices are for a single serving or pack of each product, and if you order extras like cheese or sauce, your total bill could be higher. The higher the quantity you order, the higher your bill, and delivery charges may apply depending on your location.

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Pizza is the main offering at Domino’s Pizza, and they have a wide variety of specialty pizzas with prices ranging from N4,160 to N5,070. The toppings vary from grilled chicken, beef pepperoni, beef sausage, sweet corn, and mushrooms to Nigerian hot chili peppers, green peppers, and fresh onions. The prices for the smallie pizza range from N780 to N1,040.

Domino’s Pizza also offers various bread options like Breadsticks, Cinnastix, Cheesy Bread, Pepperoni Stuffed Bread, and Chicken Stuffed Cheesy Bread, with prices ranging from N1,040 to N2,470. Their small chops menu includes Sausage Rolls, French Fries, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Suya Wings, and Suya Bites, with prices ranging from N650 to N2,860. For dessert, they offer Founders Favorites, Lava Cakes, Melted Choco Pocket, and Chocolate Pizza, with prices ranging from N1,560 to N2,860.

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Domino’s Pizza Price List


  • Southern Style BBQ Chicken – N4,550.00
  • Pepperoni Supreme – N4,160.00
  • Deluxe – N4,550.00
  • Chicken Suya – N4,550.00
  • Shawarma Pizza – N4,550.00
  • Spiced BBQ Chicken Delight – N4,550.00
  • Beef Suya – N4,550.00
  • Veggie Supreme – N4,160.00
  • Sweet n’ Hot – N4,550.00
  • BBQ Beef – N4,160.00
  • BBQ Chicken – N4,160.00
  • Meatzza – N4,550.00


  • Chicken Pie – N4,160.00
  • Meatpie – N4,160.00
  • Chicken Supreme – N4,160.00


  • Smallie Beefie Suya – N1,040.00
  • Small Chicky Pie – N1,040.00
  • Smallie Fiery Suya – N1,040.00
  • Smallie Sweet Marghie – N780.00
  • Smallie Smokie Sausage – N1,040.00
  • Smallie Meatie Pie – N1,040.00


  • Cinnastix – N1,820.00
  • Pepperoni Stuffed Bread – N2,470.00
  • Chicken Stuffed Cheesy bread – N2,470.00
  • Cheesy Bread – N1,950.00
  • Stuffed Meat Pie Bread – N2,470.00
  • Breadsticks – N1,040.00


  • Shawarma Roll – N1,690.00


  • Chicken Wings – N2,860.00
  • Suya Wings – N2,860.00
  • Chicken Strips Small – N1,300.00
  • Chicken Strips Large – N2,600.00
  • Chicken Kickers – N2,340.00
  • Suya Bites – N2,340.00
  • Chicken Pie – N650.00


  • French Fries – N975.00


  • Sausage Roll Cheese – N1,040.00
  • Sausage Roll Plain – N650.00
  • Sausage Roll BBQ Cheese – N1,170.00


  • Melted Choco Pocket – N1,690.00
  • Founders Favourites – N2,860.00
  • Lava Cakes – N1,560.00
  • Chocolate Pizza – N1,690.00


  • Small Chops – N1,560.00

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