Ensure Plus Price In Nigeria (April, 2024)

Ensure Plus is a popular nutritional supplement that has gained recognition worldwide. In Nigeria, this product has become a valuable addition to the diets of many individuals, especially those who require extra nutrients and calories. Let’s explore what Ensure Plus is and why it’s relevant in Nigeria.

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Ensure Plus is a specially formulated oral supplement designed to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and calories for individuals who may have difficulty meeting their nutritional needs through regular food alone. It is often recommended for people recovering from illness, surgery, or injury, as well as those with chronic medical conditions that affect their appetite or ability to eat a balanced diet.

In Nigeria, where access to adequate nutrition can be a challenge for some, Ensure Plus serves as a convenient solution to address malnutrition and support overall health. This nutritional supplement comes in various flavors, making it palatable and appealing to a wide range of tastes.

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One of the significant benefits of Ensure Plus is its ability to provide a concentrated source of energy and nutrients in a small volume. This is particularly important in situations where individuals have difficulty consuming large meals or have limited access to a variety of nutritious foods.

Ensure Plus in Nigeria is readily available in local pharmacies and stores, making it accessible to those who need it. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating Ensure Plus into one’s diet to ensure it is appropriate for their specific nutritional requirements.

Price Of Ensure Plus In Nigeria

A carton of Ensure plus is 50,000 naira across Nigeria and it contains 24 pieces of ensure plus drink

Product NamePrice
Ensure Plus Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor (1 Carton)₦ 50,000
Meal Replacement Ensure Plus 24pcs (Cartoon)₦ 50,000
Ensure Plus Nutrition Shake Chocolate 24pcs₦ 50,000
Ensure Plus Nutritional Shake Drink by 24 pcs₦ 50,000
Ensure Plus Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor₦ 50,000

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