Iodium Capsule Price in Nigeria (Imodium)

Iodium capsule is a homeopathy drug that helps in curing ailments related to appetite and thirst. It also helps in treating conditions related to gland. Conditions of weakness and breathlessness due to climbing are also addressed using this medicine. It also treats many mental, nose and head conditions. Female ailments like irregular menses and weakness are also effectively treated using this medicine.

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One of the prominent features of Iodium capsules is their effectiveness in tackling issues related to appetite and thirst. Maintaining a healthy appetite is crucial for ensuring the body receives the necessary nutrients, and these capsules contribute to achieving that balance. Similarly, individuals experiencing disruptions in thirst regulation can find relief through the use of Iodium capsules.

Beyond appetite and thirst, these capsules prove to be instrumental in treating gland-related conditions. Glands play a crucial role in hormonal regulation and overall physiological balance. Iodium capsules target and address these glandular concerns, contributing to the restoration of hormonal equilibrium.

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Key Ingredients Of Iodium

  • Iodium with alcohol

Benefits Of Iodium

  1. Maintaining Healthy Metabolism: At the core of SBL Iodium Dilution’s benefits is its ability to foster a healthy metabolism. A well-functioning metabolism is fundamental to the body’s energy utilization and nutrient processing. By promoting metabolic balance, the dilution supports overall vitality and wellness.
  2. Reduction of Weakness, Breath Loss, and Gland Affections: SBL Iodium Dilution proves invaluable in addressing weaknesses and breathlessness, especially after physical exertion like climbing. Additionally, it targets glandular concerns, contributing to the restoration of hormonal equilibrium and overall physiological balance.
  3. Relief from Suicidal Tendencies and Violent Impulses: A notable aspect of this natural remedy is its efficacy in alleviating mental health challenges. SBL Iodium Dilution has been observed to provide relief from suicidal tendencies and violent impulses, offering support to individuals navigating complex mental conditions.
  4. Reduction of Anxiousness: In our fast-paced world, anxiety has become a prevalent concern. SBL Iodium Dilution aids in reducing anxiousness, providing a natural and holistic approach to managing stress and promoting emotional well-being.
  5. Treatment of Congestive Headache, Vertigo, and Blood Rushing to the Head: The dilution extends its healing touch to the head and cranial regions, addressing conditions such as congestive headaches, vertigo, and the sensation of blood rushing to the head. This comprehensive relief from head-related discomfort contributes to an enhanced quality of life.
  6. Improvement in Smell, Nasal Blockage, and Reduction of Sneezing with Hot Discharge: SBL Iodium Dilution exhibits efficacy in enhancing the sense of smell, alleviating nasal blockages, and reducing sneezing with hot discharge. These benefits cater to individuals dealing with nasal and respiratory discomfort, promoting a sense of relief.
  7. Relief from Bleeding During Stool: Gastrointestinal health is paramount to overall well-being. SBL Iodium Dilution offers relief from bleeding during stool, addressing a common concern and contributing to digestive comfort.
  8. Regulation of Menses and Reduction of Weakness in Women: Female-specific ailments, including irregular menstrual cycles and weakness, find resolution through the use of SBL Iodium Dilution. The dilution aids in regulating menstrual cycles and reducing weakness, enhancing the overall health of women.
  9. Prevention of Contractions in the Mammary Gland: Another noteworthy benefit is the prevention of contractions in the mammary gland. This contributes to breast health, emphasizing the dilution’s holistic approach to women’s well-being.
  10. Improvement in Breathing and Reduction of Chest Weakness and Cough Palpitation: SBL Iodium Dilution addresses respiratory concerns by improving breathing and reducing chest weakness and cough palpitation. This aspect of its healing properties promotes optimal respiratory health.
  11. Relief from Hoarseness and Blood Sputum in Cough: For those grappling with respiratory issues, the dilution proves beneficial in relieving hoarseness and addressing blood sputum in cough, providing comprehensive relief.

How To Use Iodium

  • Take 3-5 drops 2-3 times in a day or, as directed by the physician.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Price Of Iodium In Nigeria

Iodium is available in Nigeria and you can purchase it in several phamarcist shops in Lagos. The price is between 5,000 naira to 10,000 naira depending on the store you are buying it from.

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