Is Legit or Scam? is the latest Nigerian investment platform thats trending at the moment. The platform claims to be a financial platform that allows Nigerians earn money through investment in the car rental industry. claims to be a car rental business that rents out high end and luxury cars to people and organizations. The company claims it is trying to expand its inventory of high demand cars and is seeking investments from investors who are interested. When you invest in, the company uses your money to purchase cars and as it rents out those cars to people, it pays investors daily from the rental income.

Join Our Investment Group Earning Structure

  • Minimum investment is 1000 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 800 naira
  • Welcome bonus is 250 naira

How To Join

You can join by creating a new account using this registration link Investment Plans

VIPUnit priceDay incomeCycleTotal income
VIP 1₦1,000.00₦250.00FOR 36 Day9000 NGN
VIP 2₦1,500.00₦375.00FOR 36 Day13500 NGN
VIP 3₦4,000.00₦1,000.00FOR 37 Day37000 NGN
VIP 4₦10,000.00₦2,500.00FOR 37 Day92500 NGN
VIP 5₦20,000.00₦5,000.00FOR 37 Day185000 NGN
VIP 6₦40,000.00₦10,000.00FOR 37 Day370000 NGN
VIP 7₦80,000.00₦22,500.00FOR 37 Day832500 NGN
VIP 8₦200,000.00₦50,000.00FOR 37 Day1850000 NGN
VIP 9₦1,000,000.00₦250,000.00FOR 37 Day9250000 NGN


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Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that just launched in Nigeria and can crash at any time. As at the time of writing this post, there is no withdrawal proof or payment from this platform yet and we cant guarante if they would pay earnings as there are a lot of dubious ponzi schemes that allow users deposit, but not withdraw. So be careful out there.

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