Is Legit or Scam?

75Finance claims to be an investment company in Nigeria that has been in the investment scene for the past 15 years. The company claims that with its wealth of experience, it has been able to generate a lot of profits for its investors through trading in the financial market.

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How To Join 75finance

Create a new account with this registration link

How To Recharge

kindly make sure you follow instructions below.
1. The minimum recharge is 1,500 naira
2. Kindly make sure you use the company account details on the website to make your deposit
3. After making your payment make sure you upload your payment proof to the system so that it can be reviewed and approved
4. Make sure you put the sender name the bank the money is coming from for faster approval
5. Recharge approval take max of 1-10 minutes to be approved
6. If after 10 minutes and your recharge is not approved, kindly contact the customer service immediately with your payment proof for faster approved immediately.

How To Withdraw

Follow the below instructions to be able to withdraw your earnings from 75finance.
  • Kindly make sure you put your correct bank account details when placing your withdrawal
  • If your withdrawal is fails Kindly check your bank account details and correct it and apply again
  • Each account is allowed to withdraw one time daily in each account
  • Withdrawal time is 9am-5pm, Mondays to Sundays
  • Withdrawal take max of 1-10 minutes to arrive in your bank account Investment Plans

Investment PlanPrice (NGN)Daily Income (NGN)Total Revenue (NGN)Cycle (days)
DML 1₦1,500.00₦300.007,500.0025
DML 2₦4,000.00₦800.0020,000.0025
DML 3₦8,000.00₦1,600.0040,000.0025
DML 4₦13,000.00₦2,600.0065,000.0025
DML 5₦20,000.00₦4,000.00100,000.0025
DML 6₦30,000.00₦6,000.00150,000.0025
DML 7₦50,000.00₦10,000.00250,000.0025
DML 8₦90,000.00₦18,000.00450,000.0025
DML 9₦150,000.00₦30,000.00750,000.0025
DML 10₦250,000.00₦50,000.001,250,000.0025
DML 11₦500,000.00₦100,000.002,500,000.0025
DML 12₦800,000.00₦160,000.004,000,000.0025
DML 13₦1,000,000.00₦200,000.005,000,000.0025


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How To Make Money Via Referrals

  1. Invite Friends and Earn Referral CommissionAt 75Finance, we value your support in growing our community. Invite your friends to register with us, and you can earn referral commissions.
    • First Team: Earn a generous 20% commission on your first-level referrals.
    • Second Team: Enjoy a 3% commission on referrals from your second-level connections.
    • Third Team: Get a 2% commission for successful registrations from your third-level network.
  2. Company Cash RewardBesides referral commissions, we offer exciting cash rewards for inviting active members to join our platform. The more active members you bring in, the greater your cash reward.
    • Invite 10 Active Members: Receive a cash reward of 3,000 NGN.
    • Invite 20 Active Members: Boost your earnings with a 7,000 NGN cash reward.
    • Invite 30 Active Members: Your dedication pays off with a 12,000 NGN cash reward.
    • Invite 40 Active Members: Enjoy a substantial 20,000 NGN cash reward.
    • Invite 50 Active Members: Maximize your rewards with an impressive 30,000 NGN cash reward.

    To claim your cash reward, simply contact our customer service team once you have successfully invited and verified the presence of any of these active members. We appreciate your commitment to the 75Finance community and look forward to rewarding your efforts.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that just launched on the 4th of october, 2023. The platform can crash at anytime, so if you are joining, ensure you join early and be among the early birds so you can make enough money before it crashes.

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