Is Abbenergy Legit or Scam (

Abbenergy ( is a new investment platform in town, seeking users to invest into its various crowdfunding projects with the intention of defrauding them. In this review, we would be doing a thorough analysis of the platform and list out reasons why it is a ponzi scheme and users should be careful before investing in the platform so as not to fall victims to scammers.

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Benefits Of joining Abbenergy

  • Registration / Welcome bonus of 800 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is #1200
  • Minimum withdraw 500
  • Invest 2k And Earn N67.2 Daily For 3Years
  • Invest 5k And Earns N127.2 Daily For 3Years
  • Invest 8k And Earns N222 Daily For 3Years
  • Invest 10k And Earns N288 Daily For 3Years
  • Invest 20k And Earns N571.2 Daily For 3Years


How To Make Money From Investment

One of the main method of making money on AbbEnergy is to invest in one of its various crowdfunding projects and earn 2.5% daily for 3 years.

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You need to start by creating an account. Use this registration link to get a welcome bonus of 800 naira

Below are the various investment packages or crowdfunding projects you can invest in

AbbEnergy Investment Plans

Product NameCrowdfunding PriceBenefit DurationCrowdfunding Price
ABB-PV [P-Type]₦2.803 years₦2000.00
ABB-PV [N-Type]₦5.303 years₦5000.00
ABB-Wind Power-2023₦9.253 years₦8000.00
ABB eStorage Max₦23.803 years₦20000.00
ABB – Terra EV₦80.003 years₦50000.00
ABB – HVC360₦207.005 years₦99999.00
ABB-Wind Power-2022₦12.003 years₦10000.00
ABB eStorage Flex 40₦41.003 years₦30000.00


How to Make Money From Referral Rewards

To make money from abbenergy, you can participate in its referral reward program where you earn commission for inviting people who would invest in the platform. When you directly refer someone who invests in the platform, the person becomes your level 1 referral and you earn 20% of their deposit.

Take note of the following.

  • You can Invite others to join and earn 100,000 NGN.
  • Users who register through your invitation link are LV1 members. You earn 20% commission on any project he or she invests in.
  • Users who register through your LV1 member invitation link are your LV2 members. This member earns 5% commission on any project he or she invests in.
  • At the same time, you can also get a certain percentage of commission (5%/2%) from the projects invested by the above-mentioned members.

For example:

  • If your LV1 member invests 10,000 NGN in a project, you will get 2000 NGN.
  • At the same time, if your LV1 member gets 1000 NGN project income through the invested project, you will get 50 NGN.
  • Your LV2 member invests in projects worth 10,000 NGN, and you will get 500 NGN.
  • At the same time, if your LV2 member gets 1000 NGN project income through the invested project, you will get 20 NGN.

Is Legit?

Abbenergy is a ponzi scheme. The platform is still standing strong as at today, but would surely crash soon. Abbenergy is a scam impersonating a popular Energy company Abb Energy Industries (

To register and get a welcome bonus of 800 naira, use this registration link

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