Is Affinity Africa Legit or Scam? (

In this festive period, every Nigerian is looking for ways to earn extra cash online. While there are numerous websites claiming to pay people money for completing tasks, one of them is Affinity Africa ( which is a task to earn platform that allows people to make money online just by performing simple tasks like sharing posts, liking comments, following social media pages, etc. The platform claims to be a bridge between big brands who needs attention for their brands and Nigerians who want to earn income.

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A lot of users have uncertainties about this platform and want to know if its legit and if they truly pay users. This is the major reason we are providing this review to let users know if the platform is real or its just one of the scams out there that let users work for free without paying them.

How Affinity Africa Works

  • Registration:
    • Sign up on Affinity Africa easily through the provided platform website address(
    • Enter your email address and you will be redirected to playstore to download the app.
  • Tasks:
    • Engage in simple online tasks such as sharing posts, liking comments, and following social media pages.
    • Participate in website marketing activities to broaden your earning opportunities.
  • Earn Rewards:
    • Master social marketing to turn your online presence into a profitable asset.
    • Seize website marketing opportunities for additional rewards.
    • Take on weekly challenges presented by top brands to unlock rewards, potentially up to 1 million naira.
  • Withdraw Earnings:
    • Accumulate earnings effortlessly by completing tasks.
    • Enjoy secure payment processing with various available options.
    • Withdraw your hard-earned rewards at your convenience.
  • Referral Program:
    • Multiply your earnings by bringing friends on board.
    • Earn a generous share of your friends’ successes when they upgrade their plans.

How To Join Affinity Africa

  1. Initiate Sign-up:
    • Begin the registration process by signing up on Affinity Africa.
    • Enter your phone number, excluding the first 0.
  2. OTP Verification:
    • Input the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your provided phone number.
    • Confirm your identity for a secure registration.
  3. Download the App:
  4. App Registration:
    • Open the app and sign up using the same phone number as in the previous steps.
    • Enter your email during the app registration process.
  5. Account Setup:
    • Complete the account setup by providing necessary details such as your name, password, and username.
    • Personalize your profile for a tailored experience.
  6. Earn Instant Rewards:
    • Upon successful sign-up, receive free #500 as a welcome bonus.
    • Utilize the provided referral link to earn additional #500 for each successful referral.
  7. Withdrawal Success:
    • Celebrate your earnings by withdrawing your funds.
    • Share your success story and encourage others to join for a chance to earn #CHRISTMAS MONEY.
  8. Repeat the Process:
    • Encourage others to follow the same steps to join Affinity Africa.
    • Emphasize the ease of the process and the exciting rewards awaiting new members.

Affinity Africa Benefits & Features

Social Marketing Mastery: Turn your social media presence into a money-making powerhouse. Share sponsored content and watch your earnings grow.

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Website Marketing: Dive into the world of website marketing and explore opportunities to earn rewards for specific tasks.

Challenges and Rewards: Participate in weekly challenges by top brands and unlock rewards of up to 1 million naira. Your accomplishments are truly rewarded!

Referral Program: Bring your friends on board, and earn a generous share of their successes when they upgrade to a plan.

Is Affinity Africa Legit?

Our feedback from using the affinity app is that the platform is legit and there are a lot of withdrawal proofs from users who have been able to successfully withdraw their earnings

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