Is Legit or Scam?


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FarmRental AmountIncome CycleDaily IncomeEstimated Income
Agro Farm – AG1₦2800($2.8)40 Days₦130($0.13)₦5200($5.2)
Agro Farm – AG2₦6000($6)40 Days₦310($0.31)₦12400($12.4)
Agro Farm – AG3₦15000($15)40 Days₦755($0.755)₦30200($30.2)
Agro Farm – AG4₦27000($27)40 Days₦1330($1.33)₦53200($53.2)
Agro Farm – AG5₦45000($45)40 Days₦2200($2.2)₦88000($88)
Agro Farm – AG6₦80000($80)40 Days₦4050($4.05)₦162000($162)
Agro Farm – AG7₦120000($120)40 Days₦5300($5.3)₦212000($212)

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  1. Agrofarms is a ponzi scheme that would crash very soon.
  2. The platform uses the same web template as other ponzi schemes that have crashed in the pasts.
  3. The owners of the company are unknown
  4. The company’s website lacks essential information about its business operations.

Is Legit or Scam?

We have studied and its business model and we discovered that the platform is a ponzi scheme. Also there is no guarantee that you will receive your earnings.

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