Is Legit or Scam?

Alon Money is 100% commission-based Affiliate Marketing App that allows users to make money online through social methods. It’s basically a Refer & Earn app where you make money when you successfully refer people to join the platform using your referral link. The platform also teaches users how to do social media Ads for Free. This tutorial is useful for users to be able to learn how to run ads to convince people to join the platform. You can also hire a social media marketer to run Facebook and instagram ads for you while you earn.

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Alon Money is basically a 100% Commission Refer & Earn app. You can start with a minimum plan of ₦1,000 / $1, share your referral link with friends and family to join and activate their referral plan then you get 100% commission (i.e ₦1,000 on each referral).

You do not need to worry about getting referrals as the platform has provided a tutorial video on how it works, and also  how to run facebook advert to get thousands of referrals while you sleep or hire a social media advertiser from the website.

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How Alon Money Works

  • Register a new account with this registration link:
  • Start with ₦1,000 Plan and get ₦1,000 on each person you refer to activate affiliate plan too.
  • Refer upto 5 persons and upgrade to ₦5,000 plan
  • Your other commissions on ₦1,000 plan will be pending until you upgrade your plan, this is applicable to all users. You can then withdraw the pending commissions and earn unlimited on ₦1,000 plan after your upgrade.
  • In your ₦5,0000 Plan, you will also get ₦5,000 whenever your referral(s) get their first 5 referrals and upgrade their plan.
  • The same model is applicable when you get to your ₦50,000 plan and above.
  • There are limits to all plans before you are asked to upgrade your plan, for the ₦5,000 plan the limit is 10 and others has their limits too.
  • Start now with just ₦1,000 to activate your affiliate plan, we will teach you how to run Facebook ads to achieve your first 20 referrals
  • To start earning, you need to become an affiliate by activating a minimum referral plan of N1,000. Share your referral link with friends and family to earn 100% commission (i.e N1,000) when they also join to be an affiliate.

How the Referral Program Works

The app has several affiliate plans and all users will partake in them. For instance, if you are in the N1,000 plan and you refer up to 5 Persons, your other bonuses will be pending until you upgrade your plan, same thing will be applicable to your referrals and the money they will pay to upgrade their plan will also be given to you etc.

How To Withdraw Earnings

You can withdraw your earnings at any time to your bank account instantly. You can withdraw as low as N100 and there is no maximum amount you can withdraw.

Is Alon Money legit?

Alon money is basically a ponzi scheme that basically use funds from new users to pay old users. You can only make money on this platform if you can refer people. These kind of platforms are not sustainable and can crash at anytime.

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