Is Legit or Scam?

Apollo is the latest investment platform in town. The platform claims to be a satellite company that provide the world’s lowest cost global connection for IoT devices, and you can earn stable income by investing in satellite equipment. When you invest in Apollo, you make daily income ranging from

Join Our Investment Group Earning Structure

  1. Signup Bonus is ₦288
  2. Free ₦200 Special Offer Income Daily
  3. Get ₦30 to ₦100 random bonuses when you Check-in Daily
  4. Get ₦300 every time you invite a valid user to invest. (manual collection)
  5. Invite the First Friend to register and get ₦100, and each subsequent person will be rewarded ₦20 (up to 20 people)
  6. Minimum investment is ₦6800
  7. Minimum withdrawal is ₦2000
  8. Referral Bonus / Rebate is Level B=20%, Level C=4%, Level D=1% (automatically arrived)

How To Join

Create a new account on using this registration link

How To Make Money

1. Make money from Investment

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Apollo offers various satellite equipments you can invest in. All you need to do is to Invest in different equipments to earn different daily returns. The more you invest, the more you earn.

2. Invite investing users to make money

Every time you invite a user to successfully invest, you can get a reward of ₦300.

3. Daily divination rewards

Sign in every day to check your fortune: the amount of each divination card is random, and comes with ₦30 to ₦100 random bonuses. You can earn an average of ₦65 a day, ₦1950 a month, ₦23000 a year

4. Invite and make money

The first level 1 user you invite to register for the APP can get ₦100, and each subsequent user you invite can get ₦20 (maximum 20 people), and you can get a total of ₦500.

Invite 20 Level 1 friends to recharge and invest with a bonus of ₦20000, invite 50 people to invest with a bonus of ₦100000, 100 people with a bonus of ₦500000, and 300 people with a bonus of ₦1500000.

5. Sales rebate:

Rebate for invitation to purchase equipment B=20% C=4% D=1% (automatically arrived)

For example: if a level 1 user you invite invests ₦10,000 in equipment, you can immediately get a reward of ₦2,000, which will be credited automatically. You can get this income every time the subordinates purchase equipment.

6. Team income commission:

  • Level 1 team income = 5% daily
  • Level 2 team income = 3% daily
  • Level 3 team income = 2% daily

For example: your level 1 user’s daily equipment income is ₦1000, then you can get ₦50 of commission income every day.

How To Deposit / Recharge

You can deposit money to your account by clicking on the Deposit button on your dashboard, then follow the below steps & terms.

1. Minimum recharge amount is ₦6800.
2. If your app account balance does not reflect the recharge within 30 minutes after the transaction is successful, please contact our customer service team in time.
3. Avoid storing previous payee account information for transfer; ensure that the recharge receipt corresponds to the payment amount to prevent payment errors.
4. Please be sure to complete the recharge within the app and do not transfer money to unfamiliar people.

How To Withdraw

Below are the withdrawal terms you need to follow before you can withdraw on apollo.

  • Coin withdrawal processing time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.
  • To activate the withdrawal function, you need to purchase equipment.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is ₦2000
  • After the withdrawal application is successful, the funds will be deposited into your account within 1-24 hours, which may take up to 72 hours under special circumstances
  • Each user can only withdraw coins once per day
  • Withdrawal is subject to a 10% service fee
  • Please make sure your withdrawal account information is accurate when entering it. Incorrect information may cause withdrawal failure, but you can reapply after failure. Investment Plans

Communication SatellitePrice: ₦0.00Daily income: ₦200.00 (360 days)Days of revenue: ₦8.33
Meteorological SatellitePrice: ₦6800.00Daily income: ₦830.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦34.58
Navigation SatellitePrice: ₦14400.00Daily income: ₦2118.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦88.25
GPS SatellitePrice: ₦31200.00Daily income: ₦4727.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦196.96
Ocean SatellitePrice: ₦63200.00Daily income: ₦10031.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦417.96
Broadcast SatellitePrice: ₦110000.00Daily income: ₦18333.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦763.88
Starlink SatellitePrice: ₦187200.00Daily income: ₦34036.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦1418.17
Military SatellitePrice: ₦271200.00Daily income: ₦54240.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦2260.00
Spy SatellitePrice: ₦392800.00Daily income: ₦81833.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦3409.71
Research SatellitePrice: ₦624000.00Daily income: ₦138666.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦5777.75
Observation SatellitePrice: ₦1375000.00Daily income: ₦327380.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦13640.83
Space StationPrice: ₦2568000.00Daily income: ₦675789.00 (58 days)Days of revenue: ₦28157.88


Is Legit? is a long term ponzi scheme that you can make money from. based on our investigation, this platform is going to last a long term and you can make money from it if you join early. The platform which launched today (18/10/2023), provides a wide range of ways for people to make money. Register with this registration link  and get free 500 naira bonus.

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  1. I help someone to register for a product and paid the sum of 14,400 on the 23rd October 2023 and the money does not reflect in the person wallet.
    I have make a complaint through their Whatsap but they did reply.
    The name of the complaint is TUTU ONASANYA
    The registration number is


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