Is Legit or Scam?

We present to you another new Investment platform in Nigeria. APRICO ALGO ( is a new investment platform that launched today 21/8/2023 and it promises users the opportunity to make money just by investing in its platform. So basically Aprico Algo is a task to earn platform where you perform tasks and you get paid.

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

Minimum Withdrawal is 1000naira
Minimum Deposit is 2500 naira
Daily Earning per task is 300 – 400 naira

How To Join & Make Money is a task to earn platform. When you subscribe to a membership plan, you get access to completing tasks daily and making money.

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Aprico offers different membership types with each type costing different price and offering different number of tasks.

The cheapest membership type costs 2,500 naira and you have the ability to complete just 1 task in a day. Each task costs an approximately 300 naira. So this means with 2,500 naira, you can earn 300 naira daily for 15 days.

The most expensive membership type costs 70,000 naira and it gives you the opportunity to complete 25 tasks daily which means you can earn 7,500 naira daily for 15 days Membership Types

Plan NamePriceDaily Task LimitDuration
Starter Plan🍀2500 naira1 task15 days
Basic Plan🍀5000 naira3 tasks15 days
Intermediate Plan🍀10,000 naira5 tasks15 days
Advanced Plan🍀20,000 naira10 tasks15 days
Investor Plan🍀50,000 naira20 tasks15 days
Golden Plan🍀70,000 naira25 tasks15 days


How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from Aprico, ensure you have made up to the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 1,000 naira, only then can you place a withdrawal request.

Is Legit?

Aprico is a ponzi scheme and a scam. So far, there are no withdrawal proof and also the system is not sustainable, so it would crash some day.

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