There are now a lot of investment companies in Nigeria promising high returns on investment daily. While most of them are scam, there are sill few legit ones. In this review, we would be taking a look at a new investment platform called Barix Technology (

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Barix technology claims its an innovative technology company that allows users invest in its tech products and earn up to 30% daily.

How To Make Money on Barix Technology

Making money on barix technology is a straight forward process. You first create an account by going to their registration page, fill in the necessary details like username, email and password, then click on the register button.

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After registration, you login with your credentials to access your dashboard. On your dashboard, you would see a list of the various investment packages offered by Barix Technology. Each investment package has its own terms like duration, amount and daily profit. You select the one you want to invest in, then fund your account with the investment amount.

There are 2 ways to make money on barix technology, you either invest in one of their products or you enagage in their referral program. Barix offers good commission when you invite someone to join the platform. If the person you invited invest in any of their product, you automatically earn 30% of the investment amount.

Barix-Technology Investment Packages

PackageDaily IncomeProduct PeriodProduct AmountRent Now
Tecno Camon₦40030 Days₦200020%
Tecno Spark₦100030 Days₦400025%
Tecno Pova₦260030 Days₦1000026%
Tecno Pop₦400030 Days₦1500026.67%
Tecno Phantom₦920030 Days₦3500026.29%
Tecno Fold₦1030030 Days₦4000025.75%
Tecno Ipad₦1530030 Days₦6000025.5%
Tecno Smart₦2030030 Days₦8000025.38%
Tecno Mini₦4000030 Days₦15000026.67%
Tecno XTY₦8000030 Days₦30000026.67%


Is Barix Technology Legit

Barix technology is a scam and a fraudulent platform with an intention to defraud users of their hard earned money. The company promises unrealistic daily return on investment. Even the biggest bank in the world cant afford to pay 30% daily interest on an investment. The high interest rate is a strategy to lure people to invest into the platform. After which they shut down and run away with their money. Also the Website uses a template that is popularly used by other similar scam and ponzi website.

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