Is BearStreetCoin Airdrop Legit or Scam | Eligibility & How To Claim

In this review, we would be discussing about a newly launched BearStreetCoin airdrop which claims to rewards participants with free BearStreetCoin tokens. This airdrop was launched in february and it has got a lot of people talking and wanting to find out if it is legit or scam. We would explore the platform in this review and let you know if its a legit coin or a scam.

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About BearStreetCoin 

  • Project Name: BearStreetCoin
  • Coin Symbol: $BSC
  • Website:
  • Contract Address: 0x835d8426aa9fca9eb2603ef19234bc8aab66853f
  • Chain: BNB Smart Chain
  • Submit Your BEP-20 Address: Get $BRC coins in your wallet!
  • Total Reward: 600,000,000 $BSC Coins
  • Reward Per Refer: 1,000 $BSC Tokens
  • Joining Bonus: 5,000 $BSC Tokens
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 10,000 $BSC Tokens
  • Distribution: Instant
  • Campaign Duration: 10 Days

How To Join BearStreetCoin Airdrop

– Launch the Airdrop bot on Telegram
– Complete All Tasks of Airdrop
– Submit Your BEP20 Wallet

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Is BearStreetCoin Airdrop Legit?

From our research, we discovered that BearStreetCoin Airdrop is not legit. BearStreetCoin is one of the scam tokens launched on the Binance chain network. The aim of the creators of the project is to decieve people into thinking the project is legit and then let them participate in the airdrop tasks like following their various telegram channels, following them on twitter, etc.

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