Is Bee Bike Legit or Scam (

Bee Bike is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that claims people can make money by investing in the company. The company claims you can make as much as 10% daily returns on your investment. This means if you invest 1,000 naira, you get 100 naira daily.

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Bee bike claims to be a professional local tourism and life service platform in Nigeria. Committed to the dividends of digital technology applications, providing people with more convenient and better travel services.

bee bike claims to be an important part of the city’s slow travel transportation system, not only helps many citizens solve the “last mile” travel problem, but also makes the concept of green cycling more popular with its advantages of convenience and environmental protection.

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When you join bee bike, you get access to the following benefits.

  • Minimum deposit is 2,500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 700 naira
  • Welcome bonus is 1,000 naira

How To Invest In Bee bike

  • Create an account on beebike with this registration link
  • Fill in your details and click on the register button
  • Login to your dashboard, click on the product menu at the bottom
  • Select the product you want to invest in and then click on buy
  • An account number would be generated for you to make payment into.
  • Make the payment and then the product would be activated and you would start earning daily.


 Make Money From Referral

Here is how to make money on bee bike via the referral program.

  1. Invite friends to register to receive ₦3, and you can get up to ₦150
  2. Invite first-level members to invest in capital and get a 10% return on the investment amount
  3. Invite second-level subordinates to invest and get a reward of 2% of the investment amount
  4. Team commission Level 1 10% Level 2 6% Level 3 3%

Is Legit is a scam and a ponzi scheme impersonating a popular Finland based company, Beebike ( The original company  is a bicycle shop and bicycle maintenance shop in the center of Finland. The company service bikes of all brands and models in Finland.

Update (5/9/2023): Beebike has crashed. Do not invest in this platform again.


22 thoughts on “Is Bee Bike Legit or Scam (”

  1. I registered and l purchase 2 of the bycle ..when l want to money was credited to my account within 30 minutes…as today 27/08/2023 ..l think beebike is not scam …but in the near future we did not know what they will nev

  2. Beebike is the best website I am using now and his legit not a scam.

    Beebike is a long term project and legit, it’s newly launched too Join now and start earning.

    This is my WhatsApp number (09162062318) contact me please

  3. My brother since I place withdrawal since morning I never see alart ooh abet make unah run ooh before them use us make money Niger something never last always fake what can we trust again

  4. I’ll advise you guys should just exit from Ponzi scheme, they are modern thieves.

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