Is Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for an investment website to invest and earn money, then you might be interested in this new platform called This is one of the recently released investment platforms that currently gaining popularity on facebook at the moment. The platform allows users to invest and earn 25% daily return on their investment. Even though there is no evidence that the platform is legit, this is why we are doing this review to know if its legit or scam.

Join Our Investment Group Features

  1. Get free machine that gives 250 naira daily
  2. Minimum deposit is 2,500 naira
  3. Daily income is 1,000 naira
  4. Minimum withrawal is 1,000 naira
  5. All products end in 4 days Investment Plans

PlanPriceDaily EarningTotal EarningsValidity
FREE₦250.00₦100.00₦100010 Days
BEE 1₦2,500.00₦1,000.00₦4,0004 Days
BEE 2₦5,000.00₦2,000.00₦8,0004 Days
BEE 3₦8,000.00₦3,200.00₦12,8004 Days
BEE 4₦10,000.00₦2,500.00₦62,50025 Days
BEE 5₦15,000.00₦3,750.00₦93,75025 Days
BEE 6₦30,000.00₦7,500.00₦187,50025 Days
BEE 7₦50,000.00₦12,500.00₦312,50025 Days
BEE 8₦100,000.00₦25,000.00₦625,00025 Days
BEE 9₦300,000.00₦75,000.00₦1,875,00025 Days


Make Money Via Invitation Rewards

You can make money via invitation rewards on this platform. To start earning via invitation rewards, you need to invite your friends to join via your referral link.

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Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi scheme. So there is a high probability that you would lose your money, which is why we would advice that you don’t invest in this platform. These kinds of platforms are setup by fraudsters with the intent of defrauding their victims

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