Is Legit or Scam?

Blewcash is a new task to earn platform that launched on the 8th of october, 2023 and it claims it allow users make money from performing simple tasks online. The platform claims you can make money from just sharing posts on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, snapchat and iktok. Also you can make more money when you refer people to join the platform.

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In this blogpost, we would be confirming if all claims about are true and whether the platform is legit or a scam. BlewCash! claims their members are being paid thousands daily, and they also enjoy the platform’s transparency, flexibility and assured payments daily. Blewcash also claims they provide opportunities for anyone to be successful, and their goal is to completely remove the discrepancy large tech companies have with regards to user’s time, and instead give you all the value directly & tangibly.

How Works

Advertisers pay BlewCash to reach influencers like you. Using your social media influence, advertisers are able to generate web traffic and formulate opinions on and to their products. In return, you, the advertiser, receive dividends based upon your influential power.

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You can use blewcash network to make money online. Enjoy daily income from the comfort of your home, office, school or work. Sign up to get a FREE $100!

Here is the simple process on how to get started on blewcash.

1. Easy Sign-Up
Sign up for a free account and join the community!

2. Earn From Home
Get paid for your free time!

3. Get Paid & Cash Out

How To Make Money Via Referrals

  1. Copy and share your link to earn $2 per click. If they sign up you’ll earn $50. That is, you receive $50 for each person who completes a sign up using your link.
  2. Share your link to social media throughout the day to earn passive income!
  3.  Find popular apps or websites to post your link and you will get more clicks and referrals!
  4. Withdraw up to $5,000 per day.

Is Legit?

Blewcash is one of those fake task to earn platform that lure people with the promise of high pay when in reality they dont pay out. They allow users waste their time and resources referring others to join the platform and after they must have accumulated up to the minimum withdrawal amount and place a withdrawal request, the platform tells them that they would  receive their money after a long period of time like 2 weeks to a month. The truth is that the money would never come. Even the user might have even forgotten about it when the time stated by blewcash comes.

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