Is Legit or Scam? claims to be a prominent Nigerian company specializing in crafting high-quality suits. With a rich heritage in tailoring, has earned a reputation for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their suits are known for their impeccable fits, stylish designs, and fine fabrics, making them a preferred choice for individuals seeking elegance and sophistication in their attire. is currently looking for how to expamd its suit making business and its soliciting fnds from interested Nigerians to invest in its company. The platform claims when you invest in, you earn daily returns.

Benefits Of

  • Launched on 29/9/2023
  • Welcome bonus #100
  • Minimum withdrawal #980
  • Minimum deposit #1000
  • Withdrawal charges 5%

How To Join

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Join Our Investment Group Investment Plans

Bossearnings offer a wide variety of investment plans. The lowest investment plan costs just 1,000 naira and with that, you earn 200 naira daily for 20 days.

BOSSPriceReturnReturn TimesRio Back
BOSS 11,000.00 NGN200.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 22,000.00 NGN335.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 33,000.00 NGN500.00 NGN20Every Day
BOSS 46,000.00 NGN1,005.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 512,000.00 NGN2,015.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 621,000.00 NGN3,530.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 730,000.00 NGN5,050.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 850,000.00 NGN8,450.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 9100,000.00 NGN17,000.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 10200,000.00 NGN34,000.00 NGN40Every Day
BOSS 11250,000.00 NGN40,000.00 NGN40Every Day


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Make Money From Referrals

When you refer people to join this platform through your referral link, you would earn 30% of whatever they invest.

Is Legit

This is a ponzi scheme that would operate for sometime and then crash. If you are hoping to make money from this platform, then your best bet is to join early and then refer people

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