Is Legit or Scam?

Breezecool is a modern fund management system that works with advanced advert company that paid user with good amount. The company claims it allow Nigerians invest in the online advertisement industry and earn huge daily returns

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Benefits Of Breezecool

  • Welcome bonus of 500 naira
  • Minimum investment amount of 2,500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1,000 naira

How Breezecool Works

Breezecool allow you make money by viewing ads. The company claims it pays you perads click (ppc). So basically before you can start making money through viewing ads on breezecool, you need to subscribe to a subsciption plan.. The company offers 7 subscription plans and each costs different amount and offer different ads view limit. For instance the lowest subscription plan cost just 2,500 naira and you can only view one ad daily on this plan.

Ads view on Breezcool pays 500 naira. So the more ads you view, the more money you make. And the only way you can view more ads is if you subscribe to a high plan which offer more ads view.

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Breezecool Supscription Plans

PlanDaily EarnPlan PriceDaily LimitReferral BonusValidity
BC 1₦500NGN 2,5001 Click/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 2₦1,000NGN 5,0002 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 3₦2,500NGN 10,0005 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 4₦4,500NGN 20,0009 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 5₦7,000NGN 30,00014 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 6₦12,500NGN 50,00025 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days
BC 7₦24,000NGN 100,00048 Clicks/dayUpto 1 Level30 Days


Make Money Via Referrals

Referrals is another way you can make money on When you invite people to the platform and they invest in an investment plan, you get commission off the amount invested. Below are the various investment levels and their commissions.

  • Level 1 referral commission = 15%
  • Level 1 referral commission = 4%
  • Level 1 referral commission = 1%

Is Breezecool Legit?

Breezecool is aa newly launched ponzi scheme masquarading as an investment platform. Invest at your own risk.

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