Is Bundleglobals Legit or Scam (

In this review, we would be discussing about a newly launched investment platform called If you are looking for a very short term investment platform where you can invest little money and make huge returns on investment, you can check out Bundleglobals. This platform promises Nigerians the ability to earn huge daily income from investment.

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In Nigeria currently, a lot of new investment schemes are launching daily and the most annoying part is that a lot of them are scams and frauds. This is why we are doing this review to see if Bundleglobals is legit or scam. Benefits & Features

  • Launched on 23/10/2023
  • Minimum Investment is 3000 naira to earn 330 naira daily
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira

How To Join & Make Money

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Deposit money to your wallet by clicking on the “Recharge” button on the homepage.
  • After recharging your wallet, you can now start investing in any of the available investment plans
  • After investment, you can withdraw your earnings daily. Investment Plans

PACKAGEPriceDaily EarningDuration
01N3,000N33030 Days
02N6,000N66030 Days
03N20,000N2,00030 Days
04N35,000N3,85030 Days
05N60,000N6,60030 Days
06N100,000N11,00030 Days
07N150,000N16,50030 Days
08N250,000N27,50030 Days
09N450,000N49,50030 Days
101,000,000N110k30 Days
112,000,000N220k30 Days
123,000,000N330k30 Days
134,000,000N440k30 Days
145,000,000N550k30 Days
1510,000,000N1m30 Days


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Is Legit? is a newly launched ponzi scheme that may crash at anytime. Basically the platform operates a pyramid scheme where it uses new investors funds to pay old investors and the cycle continues until new investors are no longer coming and the platform collapses. Be very careful before investing in this scheme.

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