Is Real or Scam?

About is a new investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. offers investment options for Nigerians to invest and earn money daily.

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While the company doesn’t provide a comprehensive information on how it works, its founders and its business operation in Nigeria, below is the only information about the company we got from their “About Us” page

BYD (Build Your Dreams) Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of BYD Company Limited – the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world and holding the largest market share of Nickel-cadmium batteries, Li-ion batteries, and chargers for mobile phones and keypads worldwide.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, its main 4 clusters of businesses are Auto, IT, New Energy Products, and Monorail.
With many world-class proprietary technologies, BYD Auto has become the most innovative Chinese Auto brand leader in the field of electrified transportation. In its effort to promote greener transport solutions and reduce pollution from vehicle emissions, BYD Auto had sold the most numbers of electric vehicles worldwide in 2015 and 2016.

Today, BYD is present across 6 continents, in more than 70 countries, and over 400 cities worldwide.

In Singapore, BYD is the forerunner in promoting the adoption of electrified vehicles for taxis, private-hire car fleets, bus services, sanitation truck operations, forklifts, and commercial vans. Since its inception in 2014, BYD Singapore has delivered more than 32 units of electric buses, 160 units of electric forklift-related products, 800 units of “T3” electric light cargo vans, 40 units of “T9” electric trucks, and over 1800 units of electric passenger cars.


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Launched Date:13th March, 2024
Domain Registration Date:8th March, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:8th March, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission33%
Referral Commission25%
No. of Visits541
Last Visit:68 days ago Features & Benefits

  • Register to enjoy ₦ 200 cash and ₦ 10000 free product in your “Order”.
  • Earn 25% + 4% + 2% of 3 levels referral commission.
  • Withdraw: Min ₦ 1000 / Arrival in 24H / 24×7 / No Tax
  • Registration link: Investment Plans

ProductDaily IncomePriceServing TimeTotal Income (100 Days)
Yuan Plus₦1200₦3,000100 Days₦120000
Song Pro DMI₦2460₦6,000100 Days₦246000
Tang DMI₦5040₦12,000100 Days₦504000
Han DMI₦10320₦24,000100 Days₦1032000
Han EV₦21120₦48,000100 Days₦2112000
Qin Plus DMI₦43200₦96,000100 Days₦4320000
Song Max DMI₦88320₦192000100 Days₦8832000
Tang EV₦192000₦384000100 Days₦19200000

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How To Make Money Via Referrals

Want to earn passive income?, Get your link and refer friends to BYD, enjoy profit up to 31% and commission of 3 levels.

  1. Get 25% commission of Level 1 immediately when your friends A sign up and buy products through your referral link.
  2. Get 4% commission of Level 2 when your friends A refer others B to buy products on BYD , you will earn 4% of B’s Payment amount.
  3. Get 2% commission of Level 3. Again, when B refers to C to buy products on BYD, you will earn 2% of C’s Payment amount.

Accounts that are identified by the system as clones of other accounts won’t be used to calculate commission.

Verification of a user’s referrer depends on the referral link used. If a visitor clicked on multiple different referral links, only the last referral link will be effective.

BYD reserves the right to remove or reward a commission for specific cases and alter the referral program at any time. Red Flags

  1. is a relatively new company with no reputation yet.
  2. The company uses complex jargon to confuse investors and make the opportunity seem more sophisticated than it is.
  3. The company relies on emotional manipulation rather than factual information in its marketing.
  4. There is evidence of false or misleading advertising by the company.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam

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