Is Legit or Scam?

We are presenting to you another recently launched money making platform in Nigeria that promises users the opportunity to make a lot of money just through investment. launched today 05/09/2023 and its soliciting funds from potential investors to invest in its farming company. In this blog post, we would be reviewing if this new platform is legit or its a fraudulent scheme with the intention of scamming its investors.

Join Our Investment Group

Cargillie claims it connect farmers with markets so they can prosper. They connect customers with ingredients to make meals people love. And They connect families with daily essentials — from the foods you eat to the floors you walk on.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Register successfully to get ₦600
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: ₦600
  • Telegram channel:
  • Receive cash bonus every day, up to ₦10000
  • There is no time limit, you can initiate withdrawal at any time.

How To Join

Register an account with this registration link

Join Telegram Channel

Fill in the registration form and click on the register button.

How To Deposit & Invest

  • The minimum recharge amount is ₦3000
  • Click recharge on the wallet page, enter the amount you are willing to pay.
  • Follow the steps until you get to the payment information page. Select the bank provided on the page.
  • Then you will see their official recharge bank information, please copy this information to your bank website or application, and fill in this information to the remittance beneficiary.
  • After completing the transfer, the amount will be added to your balance immediately.
  • If your recharge is successful, but the amount has not been reflected in your balance, please contact customer service immediately, and we will reply you as soon as possible. Investment Plans

CropCycle (days)Daily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)Price (₦)

Make Money From Referrals

Invite friends to invest and get a huge commission. If you invite your friends to recharge ₦10,000 in Cargill, you can get a commission reward of ₦2,000. If you have 10 friends to recharge , you can get ₦20,000 The more you invite, the more you get.

Successfully invite friends to register to get a lucky draw chance in [Task], rewards range from ₦10 to ₦1000.

  • For Level 1 referral, you get 20%
  • For Level 2 referral, you get 3%

Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi scheme. They do not payout at all. If you invest your money on the platform, forget about it as when you place withdrawal requests, it stays in review forever. The guys who developed the site are big time scammers.

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