Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched (22-10-2023) investment platform that claims you can earn money on its platform by investing in its range of investment plans. This platform claims to be an investment platform with a huge wealth of experience in the investment industry.

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Benefits Of

  • Registration Bonus: ₦200
  • Minimum withdrawal: ₦1,000
  • Minimum Deposit: ₦1,000
  • Withdrawal time: 24/7
  • No withdrawal fee
  • No withdrawal time limit
  • Clients must invest in at least one project before they can withdraw cash

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

Citigroup is a versatile platform that offers a wide range of investment plans. The cheapest investment plan costs just 1000 naira and that allow you earn a daily income of 200 naira for 100 days. This a whooping daily interest of 20%. Also the most expensive investment plan costs just 500,000 naira and that fetches you a daily income of 100,000 naira.

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Plan NamePriceDaily IncomeValidity PeriodPurchase LimitTotal Income
VIP Citigroup 1₦‎1,000.00₦‎200.00100 / Days3454+ / person20000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 2₦‎3,000.00₦‎700.00100 / Days3454+ / person70000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 3₦‎5,000.00₦‎1,100.00100 / Days3454+ / person110000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 4₦‎10,000.00₦‎2,400.00100 / Days3454+ / personCapital + 240000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 5₦‎20,000.00₦‎5,200.00100 / Days3454+ / person520000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 6₦‎40,000.00₦‎11,000.00100 / Days3454+ / person1100000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 7₦‎80,000.00₦‎15,000.00100 / Days3454+ / person1500000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 8₦‎100,000.00₦‎30,000.00100 / Days3454+ / person3000000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 9₦‎300,000.00₦‎60,000.00100 / Days3454+ / person6000000 ₦
VIP Citigroup 10₦‎500,000.00₦‎100,000.00100 / Days3454+ / person10000000 ₦


Is Legit?

Citigroup is a big ponzi scheme and a scam platform that might not last up to 5 days before it crashes. Also the platform has a lot of red flags that indicates its a scam such as npo physicall address or business operation location, no information about the owners or founders, a lot of gibberish content on the site, etc.

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