Is College Relief Fund Legit or Scam?

In recent years, the cost of higher education in Nigeria has continued to rise, making it increasingly difficult for many young Nigerians to pursue their dreams of attaining a quality post-secondary education. In response to this growing challenge, the College Relief Fund (CRF) was established as a comprehensive fundraising initiative. This article aims to review the College Relief Fund and determine whether it is a legitimate option for Nigerian students seeking financial assistance for their education.

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About College Relief Fund (CRF)

The College Relief Fund (CRF) is an organization dedicated to providing long-term fiscal support and opportunities for Nigerian youths aspiring to pursue higher education. Here are some key points about CRF:

  1. Funding: CRF operates as a corporately funded organization, which means it relies on contributions from corporate entities to support students.
  2. Independence: One notable aspect of CRF is its commitment to independence. The organization ensures that its team and processes are free from external interference to maintain fairness in the distribution of endowments.
  3. Need-Based Scholarships: CRF primarily provides scholarships based on the financial needs of students. These scholarships are capped at N500,000 per student.

The Aim of CRF

CRF’s primary goal is to offer stress-free education opportunities to Nigerian youths. Since its inception in 2018, the organization claims to have worked closely with stakeholders interested in advancing the educational prospects of Nigerian youth. In 2019, CRF claimed to successfully raised $245,000 to initiate its first round of direct scholarships for deserving students across higher institutions in Nigeria. The organization is dedicated to efficiently and effectively fulfilling its mission.

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CRF aims to provide young Nigerians and indigent families with the necessary resources to complete higher education successfully. Scholarships and support services are provided to students on a need-based basis.

Impact of CRF

CRF’s most significant impact is through its need-based scholarships. Beneficiaries of these scholarships can receive endowment grants of up to N500,000. These grants are intended to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and general expenses. The grants are awarded annually, subject to reassessment of academic progress, changes in financial status, and other relevant parameters.

Is College Relief Fund Legit?

Based our our analysis of the College Relief Fund, we can conclude that its a scam due to the following reasons.

Payment Request: Many individuals were asked to pay a sum of N1075 for an aptitude test. This request for payment raised suspicions because legitimate scholarships typically do not require applicants to pay fees.

Lack of Transparency: There is a lack of transparency regarding the fund’s organizers and leadership. We couldn’t find any information about the alleged president, Joseph Abiodun, on social media or through internet searches.

No Proof of Beneficiaries: Some users mentioned that after making payment for the aptitude tests, they were preselected for the scholarship but had not received any verification or payment, which added to their doubts.


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