Is Legit or Scam? is an invest to earn platform where you invest money and earn daily returns. When you invest in any Cow-milk investment package, you earn 40% daily returns. For instance if you invest 10,000 naira, you would be getting 4,000 naira every day. This sounds like a good deal, but before you invest in this platform, kindly ensure you read this blog post to the end and you also do your own due diligence so you dont loose your hard earned money to scammers and fraudsters.

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How To Make Money On

  • Start by creating an account with this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the Recharge button to add money to your account.
  • Follow the recharge instruction by entering the amount you want to recharge and then transferring the amount to the company details that would be generated for you.
  • After Recharging your account, you can now start earning money daily by investing in an investment package.
  • Go to your homepage an select an investment plan and then click the invest now button
  • Your investment would automatically be activated and you can get daily rewards everyday. Investment Plans

ProductPercentagePriceDaily Return

Make Money From Referrals

Invite your friend to Get VIP commission. So basically when you are on vip level 1, you earn 100 naira per referral. Also if you are on vip level 7, you earn 10,000 naira per referral. In Simple terms, you earn 28% per referral.

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 VIP VII10000


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How To WIthdraw

When you get to the minimum withdrawal amount, you can initiate a withdrawal request by going to your dashboard.

Is Legit?

A platform with no known business operation offering you 40% returns everyday is a scam and a ponzi scheme. the returns in investment is too much. This website would probably shut down and crash very soon.

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