Is Legit or Scam?

CVS HEALTH Ltd claims to be a leading company in the field of advertising employing over thousands people from around the world in 2015, and since then has been headquartered at orange in Pretoria close to the Company’s headquarters in Blomberg. The company now has more than 400 employees.

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CVS HEALTH provides reliable advertising for the rapidly evolving office market – for both individual users and big companies. Together with feedback from our customers and numerous clients, we create iterate and create refined and complete solutions for environmentally friendly, sustainable, reliable server solutions.

CVS HEALTH is your best bet for reliable advertising. The demand for durable and reliable advertising screens have skyrocketed. Therefore, place your trust in our reliable advertising. We understand your challenges for advertising, and will support you with our expertise.

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AreaPriceValidityDaily IncomeTotal Income
Area 1₦5,00030 days₦1,200₦36,000
Area 2₦15,00030 days₦3,500₦105,000
Area 3₦30,00030 days₦6,500₦195,000
Area 4₦60,00030 days₦14,000₦420,000
Area 5₦120,00030 days₦35,000₦1,050,000
Area 6₦240,00030 days₦70,000₦2,100,000
Area 7₦500,00030 days₦150,000₦4,500,000
Area 8₦30,00030 days₦7,200₦216,000


Is Legit?

Cvshealth is a ponzi scheme and a scam. Dont invest in this platform


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