Is Daily Trust Fund ( Legit or Scam?

Daily Trust Fund is the latest money making platform in Nigeria that allow users make money from investing. Dailytrustfund which launched on the 2nd of august 2023 promises users the ability to earn up to 30% daily returns on their investment.

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Benefits Of Joining Daily Trust Fund

  • Registration bonus of N200
  • Minimum Deposit of N2,000
  • Minimum Withdraw of N1,000

How To Invest and Make Money

Follow the below process to invest and make money on

  1. Create an account using this registration link
  2. Login to your dashboard and click on the “mine” menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then click on the “Recharge” button. Enter the amount you want to add to your wallet. A bank account would be generated for you to make payment to.
  4. Send the money to the bank account and your wallet would be funded immediately.
  5. With the money in your wallet, you can now invest in any Daily trust investment package. Investment Packages

PACKAGEAmountPeriodMy Daily Income
12,00050 Days₦450
25,00050 Days₦1100
310,00050 Days₦2100
420,00050 Days₦4200
530,00050 Days₦7250
650,00050 Days₦11500
7100,00050 Days₦28000.8
8200,00050 Days₦55008
9300,00050 Days₦88000.8
10500,00050 Days₦330000


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Make Money From Referrals

You can make a lot of money through Dailytrust referral program. When you invite your friends to join the platform, you earn commission. Copy your invite code or invite link from your dashboard and send to your friends.

How To Withdraw

Its very easy to withdraw your earnings on Daily Trust Fund.  All you need to do is to just login to your dashboard and click on the withdraw button. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and bind your account details to it.  You can only withdraw between 1,200 and 20,000 naira. Also there is a 5% handling fee per withdrawal.

Is Legit?

Dailytrust is a ponzi scheme that would crash one day. The platform works by paying old users with funds from new users. The platform just launched 2 days ago. So if you invest now, you stand a chance to win a lot  of money before it crashes. You can join dailytrustss with this invitation link.

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