Is Dice Merge Legit Or Scam

Its our duty to our loyal fans to inform them if an app is legit or not so they can be able to make informed decisions and not get scammed. This is why we are reviewing a new app called Dice Merge (Dice Merge! Puzzle Master). Our team of reviewers were tasked to critically review the app, and we would be discussing out their feedbacks below.

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Dice merge is a simple puzzle game on playstore that promise to reward users for playing simple games. The juicy rewards they claim to offer has made the app popular and attracted a lot of users to the app. To play the game is very simple, all you need to do is to just merge dice of the same value to get rewards. You can accumulate a lot of rewards which would be stored in your wallet on the app.

After you have accumulated your rewards, users should be able to cash out or redeem their rewards for real cash. Unfortunately a lot of users have reported non-payment or encountering difficulties when attempting to cash out their rewards.

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How To Play Dice Merge

1. Drag to move the dice cube
2. When two dice with the same number combines, a dice block with a larger number will be merged
3. When the dice cube reaches a certain value, an explosion effect will be triggered

Dice Merge is a puzzle game that involves merging dice to increase their value and earn rewards. Players are presented with a grid of dice and must merge identical numbered dice to generate higher values. Starting with two dice of value 1, merging them creates a dice with a value of 2. This process continues, with two dice of the same value merging to form a dice with twice the value, and so on.

To merge dice, players drag one onto another with the same number, resulting in a new dice with the next value. By repeatedly merging dice, players can achieve higher numbers and accumulate more rewards.

Our Verdict

It is not recommended to use Dice Merge due to concerns about its safety and legitimacy. Although the game involves merging dice to obtain higher values and rewards, numerous complaints and reports suggest that the app may cease providing rewards when users are close to reaching the minimum payment threshold. While the app does have some positive aspects, such as a low withdrawal limit, an addictive gameplay experience, and a user-friendly interface, it also exhibits drawbacks like network errors, excessive advertisements, and higher battery consumption.

9 thoughts on “Is Dice Merge Legit Or Scam”

  1. Good evening sir/ma, am Worlu Noble Dandy I really love the game but I join this game to make money but if I what to redeem it, it says arrive for 7days so am truly confuse if am working for scammers or ….. Pls am sorry to say this if am wrong but pls help my matter pls

  2. Hi my name is blessing I play this game.but when I want to redeem my money it said I need to watch 50 videos to withdraw it to my question is,is this real or its just a scam

  3. Pls I have been waiting for 15days now for the payment but I haven’t received any, I’m now doubting if it is real pls attend to us

  4. I am really not happy. I see this game thing as an advance scam. This is really unfair. People wasting there time, money, etc to ensure they earn. And the app keep saying 7days, for how long. Date Keep wasting. Please provide to me me those that have benefited from this app. It’s seriously an issue to excalate.


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