Is Legit or Scam? is a new money-making investment platform in Nigeria that just launched on the 18th of November, 2023. The company allow users to invest and make daily income. When you invest in, you earn daily interest on your investment every day. The interest rate ranges from 25% to 40% depending on the amount you invested. Below are the various benefits offers.

Join Our Investment Group

  • Launched on 18/11/2023
  • Minimum Deposit: ₦2000
  • Minimum Withdrawal: ₦1000
  • Withdraw Time: 8am – 4pm (Automatic Payout)
  • Withdrawal Days: Mon to Sun
  • Registration link:

How Works

  • You create an account on
  • You log in to your account using your credentials and then click on the “Recharge” button to add money to your wallet.
  • After funding your wallet, select any of your preferred investment plans and invest in it
  • Earn daily income every day and withdraw it

How To Make Money From Referrals

Referrals is a major opportunity you can use to make money on Digiconet. All you need to do is refer people to join the platform, and when they invest, you earn the below commissions depending on the commission level.

  • LV1 : 25%
  • LV2 : 5%
  • LV3 : 1% Investment Plans

REVOLVERProject Amount (₦)Daily earning (₦)Total (₦)Return TimeCycle (Days)
REVOLVER 12,000.00480.0012,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 23,700.00880.0022,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 35,200.001,248.0031,200.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 47,000.001,680.0042,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 510,000.002,400.0060,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 620,000.004,800.00120,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 727,000.006,480.00162,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 88,640.007,200.00180,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 960,000.0014,400.00360,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 10100,000.0024,000.00600,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 11250,000.0060,000.001,500,000.00Every Day25
REVOLVER 12500,000.00 – 1,000,000.0024.00%600%Every Day25
REVOLVER1,000.00240.006,000.00Every Day25


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Is Legit is a Ponzi scheme that launched on 18th of November, 2023. Currently, the platform is paying as a lot of people who have been able to withdraw have posted their receipts online. Also, the platform can crash at any time, the earlier you join, the better your chances of making a lot of money.

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