Is Dmail Airdrop Legit & How To Claim Airdrop

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, and marketers.

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Dmail is just an email platform like gmail, but it is based on the Blockchain.

Steps To Claim Dmail Airdrop

Step 1: Connect Metamask Wallet Here 👉…

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Step 2: Deposit 5$ to 30$ Worth Of USDT In Your Wallet On Bsc Network.

Step 3: Mint Unique Identify Profile.

Step 4: Bind Your Email

Step 5: Submit Your Principal Id And Dmail Id In this Form..

Step 6: Pick One Dmail Id or address

Requirement To Win Airdrop.

  • Mint Under 7 Character email id For Good Token Allocation.
    (Calculate From Cyberconnect Airdrop)
  • Active Your Dmail Account Atleast 30 Days.
  • Send Atleast 50 Mail To Unique Receivers
  • Collect More Point By Doing Task.

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