Is Drinkbinge Legit or Scam (

Drinkbinge ( is a new investment platform that just launched in Nigeria on the 18th of August, 2023. This company claims to provide users with opportunities to grow their income online. You can invest in Drinkbinge and make huge returns on investment.

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Drinkbinge claims to be a beverage company that has been producing and delivering quality soft drinks in Nigeria since 1951. The claim to be one of the largest bottlers of drinks from the Coca-Cola company and have a strong foundation for long term growth.

Benefits Of Joining Drinkbinge

  • Minimum Deposit of 1,600 naira
  • Minimum Withdrawal of 1,000 naira
  • No Registration fee
  • Invest and earn 10 – 20% daily returns

How To Join DrinkBinge & Make Money

To join Drinkbinge and start making money, follow the below steps

Join Telegram Channel
  • Create an account using this registration link
  • Fill in your details and click on the register button

There are 2 ways you can make money on You can either invest in one of their juicy investment packages and earn 10 -30% daily returns or you participate in the referral programme that pays you for referring people to the platform

Make Money From Investing

Drinkbing offers users the opportunity of making daily returns when they invest in one of their investment packages. You can earn between 10% to 30% of your investment amount daily.

Drinkbing offers 12 investment plans with the lowest costing 1,600 naira and paying 160 naira daily. The Highest investment plan costs 1,000,000 naira and pays 450,000 daily. Investment Plans

ProductPriceServing TimeDaily RevenueTotal Revenue
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar₦1600120 Days₦160₦19200
Fanta Orange₦2200120 Days₦374₦44880
Sprite Classic₦3500120 Days₦665₦79800
Fanta Orange – Zero Sugar₦5200120 Days₦1092₦131040
Coca-Cola Original Taste₦12000120 Days₦2760₦331200
Schweppes Soda Water₦22000120 Days₦5500₦660000
Schweppes Tonic₦52000120 Days₦14040₦1684800
5Alive Pulpy Orange₦85000120 Days₦24650₦2958000
5Alive Berry Blast₦150000120 Days₦49500₦5940000
Schweppes Zobo₦300000120 Days₦108000₦12960000
Coca-Cola Less Sugar₦500000120 Days₦200000₦24000000
5Alive Pulpy Mango₦1000000120 Days₦450000₦54000000


Make Money From Referrals

You can make a lot of money by participating in referral program. When you refer someone, you obtain 15% of your level 1’s referral recharge amount, 10% of Level 2’s referral recharge amount, 5% of Level 3’s referral recharge amount. The bonus is given immediately right after referrals make a payment.

Level 1 Referral: You get 15%

Level 2 Referral: You get 10%

Level 3 Referral: You get 5%

How To Withdraw Earnings

  • Processing Time: 7×24h.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: ₦1000.
  • Arrival Time: Within 5 Mins.
  • Fees: None.

Is Drinkbinge Legit? is a Ponzi scheme. But the good part is that the platform just launched today 18/8/2023, which means you can make a lot of money on the website before it would crash. Register with this registration link and get free bonus.


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