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Emirate Fund Online, or EFO, is an international platform with a strong presence in West Africa and beyond. It’s designed to offer a unique opportunity for individuals to earn money through various activities, with or without referrals. This platform is particularly geared towards users in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa, providing them with a chance to increase their earnings through a range of activities and features.

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As a registered member on EmirateFund, with the little experience and skills you have acquired in affiliate marketing, you can utilize them on EmirateFund. This means you can earn by inviting your friends and loved ones to join EmirateFund, allowing you to earn a commission from them. This can significantly boost your earning potential within the platform. Earning Structure

  • Registration fee is N3500 (one-time payment)
  • When you register, you get a welcome bonus of N2500
  • When you login daily, you earn N100
  • When you engage in an advert, you earn N200
  • When you perform a task, you earn N100
  • When you refer someone, you earn N2000
  • When the person you refer, refers someone, you earn N200
  • When your Downline’s Downline refers, you earn N50

How to Join Emirate Fund Online

Joining Emirate Fund Online is the first step towards exploring the earning potential it offers. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

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  1. Visit the Website: Begin by visiting the Emirate Fund Online website (
  2. Registration Fee: Note that there is a one-time registration fee, which varies depending on your location. The fee for registration is 3,500 naira for Nigerians. To pay the fee, purchase coupon code from any of the approved coupon vendors on the website.
  3. Registration: Sign up for an account on the platform. This involves providing your personal information, coupon code and creating login credentials.
  4. Welcome Bonus: Upon registration, you typically receive a welcome bonus, adding to your initial balance.
  5. Daily Activities: Engage in daily activities such as logging in, participating in advertisements, performing tasks, and referring friends.
  6. Earnings: You start earning money based on your engagement with the platform’s activities.

How to Make Money on Emirate Fund Online

Earning money on Emirate Fund Online revolves around participating in various activities. Here’s a breakdown of how you can increase your earnings:

  • Daily Login: By logging into your account daily, you can earn a specific amount.
  • Advertisements: Engage in advertisements to increase your earnings.
  • Tasks: Perform tasks offered on the platform to boost your income.
  • Referrals: Referring friends to join Emirate Fund Online can significantly enhance your earnings. Additionally, when your referrals refer others, you continue to earn from their activities.
  • Passive Earnings: Emirate Fund Online provides opportunities for passive earnings through other features like tasks, e-commerce, and quizzes.

While Emirate Fund Online primarily focuses on activities to earn money, it’s essential to understand the registration fees and earning structure for each participating country. Here’s a snapshot of the earning structure for Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa:

  • Nigeria: Registration fee N3500 (one-time payment) with various earning opportunities based on activities.
  • Ghana: Registration fee 52.71 GHS (one-time payment) with a similar earnings structure as Nigeria.
  • Kenya: Registration fee 643.6 KES (one-time payment) with earning opportunities based on daily activities.
  • South Africa: Registration fee 86.22 ZAR (one-time payment) with a range of earning possibilities tied to daily actions.

Each country’s earning structure varies slightly, but the fundamental principle remains the same: engaging in activities to earn money.

Make Money From Referrals

Emirate Fund Online encourages users to refer friends and acquaintances to the platform through its referral program. This program provides an avenue to increase your earnings by earning a portion of your referrals’ activities.

Is Emirate Fund Online Legit or Scam?

Emirate Fund is an affliate marketing website where you can earn by performing simple tasks and referring people to join the platform as your downline. The major way you can make money on emirate fund is if you are able to refer a lot of people to register under you. Apart from that, you cant really make much from their tasks and daily login. Also note that its verry difficult to get people to register under you because when those people are trying to buy the coupon code, the coupon vendors can hijack them by offering them discounts on the coupon code.

  • Unlimited Earnings: While Emirate Fund Online claims to offer unlimited earnings, it’s essential to approach such claims with caution. Earnings may vary based on individual activities and referrals.
  • Registration Fees: Emirate Fund Online requires a one-time registration fee, which may raise questions about the sustainability of the platform. However, this fee structure is common in similar platforms.
  • Withdrawal Process: The platform outlines specific withdrawal procedures and schedules for affiliates and non-affiliates. Ensuring you understand these processes is crucial for managing your earnings effectively.
  • International Presence: Emirate Fund Online positions itself as an international platform with a presence across West Africa. Verifying the platform’s legitimacy and regulatory compliance in each participating country is important.

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