Is Legit or Scam?

EnergyInvest is a company that produces phone charging equipment. The company allow users invest by purchasing phone charging equipments that generates power and can be installed worldwide. When you purchase any of their phone charging equipment, they help you install it in a high traffic generation area and when people pay to charge, you earn money.

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How To Make Money On

Method 1: Purchase different types of EnergyInvest products. These products come at varying prices, and each offers different benefits, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

Method 2: Invite friends to join EnergyInvest and use your own invitation link to send it to them. Invite friends to join, and when friends consume, you can receive a 20% rebate

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Method 3: Deposit wealth management products to obtain wealth management income. Depositing for 135days can earn up to 5000% of the income.

Make Money Via Investment

You can invest according to the money you want to earn.

Login to your dashboard and you can select an investment plan by choosing the amount of money you want to earn daily. The purchased product will generate revenue every hour and bring you a significant amount of revenue during its validity period. By depositing for a certain period of time, you can earn up to 50 times your income.

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

Device NamePriceActionPurchase ConditionsInvite FriendsRevenue per HourTotal RevenueRunning TimeNumber of Devices
POWER BANK -20000₦20000BUYPurchase0/5₦208₦4992010 days1
Power Bank MAX₦100000BUY₦2083₦49992010 days45
Mini Power₦2000BUY₦20₦38408 days1
Power Bank One₦10000BUY₦104₦199688 days1
Power Bank Two₦20000BUYPurchase0/1₦208₦399368 days1
Power Bank Three₦50000BUYPurchase0/1₦520₦998408 days2
Power Bank Four₦100000BUY₦1041₦1998728 days2
Power Bank Five₦200000BUYPurchase0/2₦2082₦3997448 days2
Power Bank Six₦500000BUYPurchase0/3₦5200₦187200015 days10
Power Bank Ten₦1000000BUYPurchase0/1₦10416₦374976015 days10
Power Bank Pro₦2000000BUYPurchase0/1₦20833₦749988015 days10
Power Bank XII₦5000000BUY₦52083₦1874988015 days10
Rolls-Royce₦3000000BUY₦30000₦-21349672.9630 days2


How To Withdraw

  •  The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000NGN.
  • After submitting the withdrawal application, the bank will remit the money to your account within 24 hours, please be patient!
  • If you haven’t received the remittance in more than 24 hours, please contact online customer service!

Is Legit is a ponzi scheme and you should be careful before investing in it.

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