Is Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a new website where you can invest in and start cashing out daily, then checkout This is a newly launched investment platform that allow people invest in any of it investment packages ans earn daily returns of about 20% to 50%.

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Era seed is a business that sells different varieties of herbal seeds. When you invest in the company, you are basically helping the company procure seeds from the farmers, and when they sell the seeds, they make profit which they use to pay you your daily returns.

How To Join and Make Money

  • To Join, you need to create an account first with this registration link
  • After creating an account, you need to deposit to your account.
  • Login, click on the recharge button, you would have 2 bank account details displayed.
  • Select any of the bank and transfer your money to it.
  • Then after making the transfer, on that same page, enter the amount your transferred, the bank name you transfer from and other details. Benefits

  • New user registration income of ₦50
  • Withdrawal process time is 9:00-17:00.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount – ₦1,000
  • Withdrawal Tax – 0%
  • Invitation Rewards – 1-30% per invitation Investment Plans

ProductRevenue CyclePriceDaily ProfitDaily IncomeTotal Income
Erra-Seed/0140 days$120020%$240$9600
Erra-Seed/0240 days$250020%$500$20000
Erra-Seed/0340 days$650020%$1300$52000
Erra-Seed/0440 days$1200020%$2400$96000
Erra-Seed/0540 days$3500021%$7350$294000
Erra-Seed/0640 days$6500022%$14300$572000
Erra-Seed/0740 days$8500024%$20400$816000
Erra-Seed/0840 days$15000025%$37500$1500000
Erra-Seed/0940 days$50000045%$225000$9000000
Erra-Seed/1040 days$100000050%$500000$20000000

Invite your friend to get the below level commission

Membership Level
Commission Rate
 Level 125%
 Level 24%
 Level 31%


Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that launched today 28/8/2023. If you join early, you can make a lot of money before it crashes. Join with this registration link and get free 600 naira bonus.


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