Is Exxonm Legit or Scam ( is the latest scam in town that claims to be an investment platform. This platform claims users can make money on its platform by investing in its investment packages. When you invest in any of its petroleum investment packages, you earn daily returns  of between 10% to 25% every single day.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be related to the popular International oil and Gas company, ExxonMobil. In this review, we would be taking a deep dive at and its offerings to determine if its legit or a scam platform intended to defraud users of their hard earned money.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Minimum investment is 3000
  • Welcome bonus 500
  • Minimum withdrawal 500

How To Join

To start making money on, you need to join the platform, follow the below steps

Join Telegram Channel
  • Create an account.
  • Fill in the required details like your name, phone number and password
  • Click on the register button

How To Make Money On

There are 2 major ways you can make money on You can either invest in its various Mining Fields investment packages where you earn daily returns of about 10% to 50% , or you participate in its referral program and make money as you refer people to join the platform.

Make Money From Investment

The easiest way to make money on is through investment. The platform offers 8 investment packages with each packing having different price and offering different returns on investment. The cheapest plan is the Kashagan oil field and it costs 3,000 naira and gives 360 naira as daily returns for 30 days. The most expensive investment package costs1 ,000,000 and it offers 528,800 as daily returns for 5 days.

Exxon Mobil Investment Plans

Field NameInvestment Cycle (Days)Total Income (₦)Daily Income (₦)Price (₦)
Kashagan oil field3010,8003603,000
Kizomba deepwater project3036,0001,20010,000
Prudhoe Bay oil field1554,0003,60025,000
Elgin-Franklin gas field15126,0008,40050,000
Sigurna oil field15244,80016,320100,000
Gland Oil Field15720,00048,000250,000
Sleipner gas field51,200,000240,000550,000
Kearl Oil Sands Project52,640,000528,0001,000,000


Make Money From Referrals

Invite your friends to register and you get free cash every day, and when they deposit, you can get a deposit cashback commission.

When you invite someone and the person invest in an investment package, you earn 20% of the investment amount. Also when that person invites another person, you get 5% of the investment made by the new person.

Level 1 Referral = 20%

Level 2 Referral = 5%

How To Withdraw

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦500, and withdrawals can be initiated as long as the withdrawal amount reaches ₦500.

For your flexible use of funds, withdrawals can be made at any time of the day. As soon as the website shows that your withdrawal is approved, the finance department will deposit the money into your withdrawal bank account.

According to interbank transfer rules, it can take up to 24 hours for the transfer to arrive/be reflected in your bank account. Payment has been made by Mobil Finance. In case of a holiday, the payment will be automatically postponed to the first working day after the holiday.


  1. 10% of the total amount of the remittance is charged by the payment channel as government taxes, platform management fees and API fees (Application Programming Interface).
  2. If a withdrawal fails due to network data issues, the funds will be returned to your balance without a 10% handling fee. After the withdrawal amount is returned, you can withdraw the funds again.
  3. For example, if you withdraw 1000 Naira, a handling fee of 1000*10% = 100 Naira will be incurred and you will receive 900 Naira.
  4. Members must ensure that the information on the bank account from which the withdrawal is made is correctly filled in, otherwise you will be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of your mistake in sending the Mobil payment to the wrong bank account. Therefore, please check your bank account details carefully.

Is Legit is a Scam. They do not payout. There is no evidence of withdrawal payment ever to any investor.

This is how their scam works. The only allow 1 withdrawal per day. When you make a withdrawal, they would reject  it with a flimsy excuse, then that means you can no longer withdraw for that day till the next day. So the next day, they do the same.

Beware so you dont loose your money.



9 thoughts on “Is Exxonm Legit or Scam (”

  1. I can’t even withdrawal my money from ExxonMobil I first withdrawal 500 to know if it real or not and now am asked to deposit 50000 before I can withdraw my wallet

  2. I put 75,000 I could not withdraw they say I should pay extra 100,000 I borrow that money to start I don’t have money to pay the person back I am in problem

  3. ExxonMobil platform are pure scarmers . I invested 3000, they said I should put in 50,000 before I can withdraw my wallet.
    When I put in 50,000 they said I should deposit 100,000 because the 50,000 is short time investment. I later deposited the 100,000 because of their so called customer service who told me that my 100,000 will be returned to my bank account after using it to unlock my withdrawal but after my deposit no withdraw no returning of the money till now.
    It’s so bad!


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